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Does a PV system with solar energy storage operate profitable?

The global energy transition is gaining speed, the solar age has already begun. It is now possible for every home owner to become independent of the local network operator and to operate his own solar power plant with energy storage and other alternative energy sources. For several years now photovoltaic systems have been combined with electricity storage all over the world. Surplus energy is stored during the day and can in turn be used at night and at less sunny days.

The reasons for purchasing a photovoltaic system combined with an energy storage system are obvious:


   Energy costs decrease through the increased self-consumption.

   Storage systems for PV-Energy are becoming cheaper and cheaper  (price drop by 40%).

   A solar system combined with energy storage pays for itself after 6 to 9 years.

   Storing solar energy is a trend:
      Since 2016, over 50% of photovoltaic systems have been installed in combination with energy storage devices.

That's why a complete PV-system including energy storage pays out for me

The principle is quite simple: energy is usually generated during the day when the sun is shining while it is used in the evening. Electricity consumption in the household is low during the day and increases in the evening. Intelligent electricity storage devices allow energy to be used when it is actually needed.
For PV system operators it is now cheaper to use the generated solar energy by themselves than to feed it into the public power grid. Since 2011, the feed-in tariff has been below the electricity price that the consumer has to pay - therefore the demand for photovoltaic systems combined with storage is continuously increasing.

Benefits of a solar energy storage system at a glance:


   Self-consumption: Use of generated energy when it is needed.

   Sustainable reduction of energy costs.

   Increased independence from the public grid.

   Personal contribution to the energy transition.

sun2safe: The energy storage solution for homes, single-family houses, apartment buildings and small to medium-sized companies - the PV energy storage for the home

Overview of KfW program 270*:


  • Effective annual interest rate from 1.03%
  • Loan amount up to € 50 million
  • Funding for private individuals
  • Funding for photovoltaic systems, generating energy for the public grid and for electricity storage systems

*The information applies to Germany.

Costs play of course a major role, but nethertheless it is fact that a photovoltaic system combined with storage devices is a sensible and profitable investment in the future. While state funding for general solar systems has decreased continuously over the years, the nationwide state funding of energy storage facilities reached the core of interest.

The focus of the federal and state governments concerning photovoltaic funding today is on a controlled feed-in of solar energy and the stabilization of the public power grid through decentralized power storage solutions. The KfW program 270 was especially designed for this purpose and addresses primarily:

  • new photovoltaic systems to be built with stationary solar energy storage


  • existing solar systems (in operation since 1.1.2013), which will be upgraded with a solar power storage.

Please note: The nominal output of the solar system must not exceed 30 kWp and the system must be connected to the public power grid.

Storing solar energy with sun2safe: The photovoltaic energy storage for your home

Our solution is called sun2safe. It is an intelligent all-in-one energy storage and management system for your personal energy turnaround. sun2safe is a flexible solution, the system is aimed at homeowners and small and medium-sized enterprises of all kinds.

Our customers prefer an intelligent energy management solution that supplies the household or business with energy in a trouble-free and cost-effective manner. And sun2safe is as individual as the homes or businesses of our customers. We design and configure our intelligent all-in-one energy storage and management system in a customised manner to meet the specific needs of the building, local power grid conditions and the individual energy requirements of the household or business.

The intelligent all-in-one energy storage and management system sun2safe consists of several components. First-class batteries, powerful inverters, active battery management and charging technology as well as intelligent device control result in an extraordinary complete solution. The system is complemented by sun2see, the in-house online monitoring tool for remote monitoring of the performance of sun2safe via App.

Why should I choose sun2safe?

  • Intelligent all-in-one energy storage and management system combining a PV system with electricity storage and proactive energy management.
  • Storage capacity from 10 kWh to 500 kWh
  • More cost-effective than other power storage solutions
  • Long life and high efficiency

  • sun2safe – a customized solution:
    • individual size for all house types (Single family house/Villa/Bungalow/Carport) or companies
    • individual energy storage capacity for special requirements
    • Adaptation to local power grid conditions

  • All-round service: Comprehensive advice and financial planning of the project by experienced staff, support with registration in the market master data register, sun2see monitoring for supervising the photovoltaic system.

What can we do for you?

We would be happy to advise you on sun2safe and other renewable energy solutions.

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