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Our worldwide business activities in the renewable energy sector are complemented by our industrial climbing company division. Headquartered in Germany, our team of professional industrial climbers realises a broad range of projects at high levels and difficult to access locations worldwide. Together with our energy and financial experts meeco Industrial Services GmbH offers customised and flexible solutions for international clients in the fields of facade protection and works at heights.

We install flexible and economically priced protection nets and thus, ensure the stabilisation and protection of facades and run-down buildings without having to use costly and disturbing scaffoldings. Our certified industrial climbers are highly qualified in this innovative approach. Furthermore, the professional and experienced team provides customised support to realise all kind of projects at high levels and hardly accessible places through the application of rope supported techniques. These projects include the realisation of maintenance and assembly works, facade repairs, cleaning operations, documentation works and the installation of advertisements at great heights.

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