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sun2water - TECHNICAL DATA

Infeed water flow to treatment      

500 to 1,500 Litres per hour (average flow) - larger volumes can be addressed with customised solutions


Output water flow to user                      

Peak flow up to 1,200 Litres per hour

700 Litres per hour (average flow) - depending on raw water quality - larger volumes can be addressed with customised solutions


7 m3 treated water tank                         

Collapsible water storage tank included Stores treated water for up to 10 hours - larger volumes can be addressed with customised solutions


Raw water feeding                                

Raw water pump

Adapted for water table depth less than 5 m - deeper water sources can be addressed with customised solutions

Automatic auto priming pump: Liquid temperature 0 to 40°C

Anti dry-work system, anti hammering

2.3 to 3.8 bar

Stainless steelhead

Suction kit with strainer and 7 m flexible hose

Integrated Ultrafiltration backwash system

PV components                                      

Module: Polycrystalline module

Mounting: Marine-grade aluminium

Anti-theft screws

Foundation: Screw-in or concrete depending on ground typology


Battery components                              

GEL: Sealed lead-acid deep cycle GEL technology (maintenance free)

Nominal power capacity: 100 - 3000 Ah

Vanadium RedOx Flow technology

Discharge power: 10 kW

Storage power capacity: 100 kWh

Response time: < 60 ms

Waterproof housing



Capacity: 2 - 20 kW

Output: single-phase or three-phase

Surge protection - higher power supply requirements can be addressed with customised solutions


Charge controller

Capacity: 20 - 150 Amps

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