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Our sun2com solar telecommunications solution is a tailor-made renewable energy installation. In order to meet the specific requirements of each client and at the same time minimise the initial investment, sun2com is designed following two principles:

  • Mix and match of various technologies to optimise the performance and minimise the investment costs.
  • Application of top-tier equipment and components to ensure a reliable and consistent performance with the lowest possible on-going expenses.

With our sun2com solar telecommunications solution, we are offering a system that incorporates top-tier Swiss design and German engineering, best-in-class components, financing alternatives, and local sales and services to generate profitable, reliable and long-term results.

The sun2com is available encompassing numerous technologies:

  • Photovoltaic (PV) modules
  • Small wind generators (as needed)
  • Deep-cycle GEL, Lithium batteries or unlimited-cycle battery systems
  • Fuel-efficient diesel generators (if required)
  • Online monitoring

By powering BTS stations with our clean energy sun2com solar telecommunications solution, clients contribute to a sustainable development receiving a reliable and green energy supply. Compared to BTS sites operated solely with diesel generators, the sun2com system requires less maintenance efforts while achieving the return on investment in up to three years:

  • Reliable electricity supply (24/7 for at least 20 years)
  • Reduced exposure to rising fuel prices and increasing delivery costs
  • Dramatically lower maintenance, repair, replacement, and fuel costs
  • Significantly smaller carbon footprint
  • Continuous technology improvement and retrofits
  • Online visibility of operations

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