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The sun2light solar powered street lights combine highly efficient LED lights, with top-tier photovoltaic modules and our intelligent solar lighting controller. They can be provided in two different types of topology, which makes them adaptable to each location with its specific needs and conditions.


  • Effective in large areas
  • Low cable cost and losses
  • Simple and economical components available


  • Effective in smaller areas
  • Extremely reliable
  • Ease of handling: simple operation and management
  • Improved overall throughput, more easy combinable with grid and diesel generator than the distributed version

We are offering the possibility to choose between three types of voltage to complete the sun2light solar powered street lights: AC, DC or Dual (AC and DC).

Our solar powered street lights represent the most sustainable way of ensuring lighting for infrastructures with a high energy consumption. LED lights offer high efficiency, long operating life and low voltage with up to 120 Lumens / Watt.

  • Low maintenance lamps, rated at over 50.000 hours of reliable, trouble-free operation
  • Bright natural white light with an impressive colour rendering index superior to 80
  • Mercury- & UV-free LED

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