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sun2light - COMPONENTS

The sun2light solar powered street lights solution includes different components that are adjustable to the specific requirements of every location and guarantee an environment-friendly energy generation for both outdoor lighting and indoor lighting.

  • High-powered LED street light fixtures
  • Street light pole

3 Types for battery placement:

Pole-mounted: Battery fixed on the pole above the ground, right below the modules (Quick access, short cabling between battery and lights, reduced power transmission losses)

Underground: Battery situated below the ground level (Higher cabling required, but no threats by weather)

Ground: Battery situated by the pole’s base (Quick access, easy to install without necessary excavation or altitude works)

  • Battery bank: several battery options ranging from Li-Ion technology to VRLA Gel batteries
  • Solar Module Mounting Bracket
  • Solar Module(s)
  • Battery Enclosure
  • Electrical Wiring Kit

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