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sun2safe is an easy installable and controllable energy management system offering a sustainable and reliable power supply. Additionally, it ensures that the produced energy is transferred to the point of need without interruptions, with the option to store in the integrated battery or feed into the grid any generated energy surplus. The system allows for a predictable energy input as well as immediate and long-term cost savings through its special features:


  • Battery charger with PV input and two independent MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) channels
  • Inverter with pure sinusoidal output, powered by battery or AC line
  • Microprocessor unit with integrated communication facilities (WiFi, wired and via mobile networks) for management and continuous optimisation of energy uses
  • 7” display for a simple parameter consultation (all information about the system are also displayed by remote and WEB.)
  • Storage capacity: 10 kWh – 500 kWh
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To achieve sustainable development, it is necessary to utilise clean energy sources as well as to administrate the produced energy intelligently.  Our sun2safe energy management system guarantees regular and close insight into the power production, in addition to an optimal supervision of the power consumption through its special and optional remote monitoring tool sun2see. Equipped with high performance batteries, this efficient concept ensures a steady and reliable energy supply even during cloudy days or in cases of blackouts, by offering the following benefits:


  • Charging the batteries using PV energy or AC line (grid or genset)
  • Supplying or supplementing the loads with the energy stored in the batteries when PV power is insufficient or absent
  • Providing energy to the point of need without interruptions
  • Keeping PV live by removing the need for a counter current (black start capability)  
  • Ensuring no loss of produced energy by jointly charging the batteries and powering the equipment
  • Continuous insight into critical equipment and environmental conditions through intelligent controls, real-time metering, production and power usage statistics and enhanced monitoring devices
  • Swiss-designed & German-engineered



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