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Our solar water pump solution sun2flow operates by combining tier one photovoltaic modules and water pumping devices, which ensures a real time and in-situ operation of the system. Through the application of long lasting top-tier technologies including polycrystalline solar photovoltaic modules and proven water pumping units, the sun2flow requires minimal maintenance efforts.

The sun2flow solar water pumping solution is available as fixed and mobile version:

sun2flow fixed

sun2flow fixed is the most practical, environmental-friendly and efficient alternative to diesel generators and in many places even the grid:

  • Most cost efficient way to pump water using solar energy
  • Installed within hours
  • Expandable PV capacity anytime for more power generation (up to 16 kWp)
  • No moving parts and high wind stability
  • Integrated PV modules with an adjustable tilt angle from 0 to 50ยบ inclination
  • Construction can be adapted to local conditions (e.g. use of fence posts)

sun2flow mobile

sun2flow mobile offers capacities up to 4,000 Wp and is applicable as power storage and supply:

  • Increased mobility and use anywhere
  • Foldable PV modules allow a safe and efficient transport
  • Up to 20% extra water production per day thanks to manual tracking
  • Stabilising anchoring system to compensate ground condition or inclination and better wind resistance

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