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The sun2flow solar water pump solution is primarily designed for water pumping in remote locations ensuring a stable and reliable water supply powered by solar energy. sun2flow perfectly meets the respective demand, delivering more water when the consumption is on its highest level on sunny days. Our solution is adaptable for the following applications amongst others:

  • Daily livestock water supply
  • Agricultural fields or greenhouse irrigation
  • Water treatment supply pumping for sun2water solutions or aeration
  • Water supply for emergency use in case of an urgent household need or to extinguish fire

By combining the sun2flow solar water pump system with extra components, the possible range of applications can be easily tripled to get the most out of the solution. Some examples to illustrate the multiplicity of the use:

  • Energy storage: The integration of a lightweight and highly performing lithium battery turns the sun2flow into a mobile reliable power source.
  • Off-grid power: With an adequate AC/DC inverter, the solution can deliver both power types in real time.
  • Street lighting: Through the combination with efficient, last generation LED lighting solutions and a battery field the sun2flow is convertible into a mobile road or street lighting solution.
  • Residential: Households in locations with an unreliable grid connection and an appropriate voltage switch can be provided with consistent power.
  • Night-time pumping: By associating an efficient diesel generator, integrated on the trailer, the night-time use of the sun2flow becomes possible.

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