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sun2live solar power generation and energy storage solutions are designed to adapt to local conditions and meet the specific needs of every client.

The configurations of sun2live systems are defined by two main parameters: the nominal power capacity of the equipment in kilowatts (kW) and the power storage capacity of the battery equipment in kilowatt-hours (kWh).

Our engineers consider these parameters, as well as the local settings and requirements in order to design the most appropriate solar power generation and energy storage solution for the particular situation of every consumer.

Custom sizes for all power and storage requirements and all types of applications can incorporate a variety of:

  • PV solar modules (brands, power, quantities)
  • PV mountings systems (for ground and roof applications)
  • Battery sizes, capacities, and technologies (e.g., lithium, vanadium, lead-acid GEL) 
  • Power inverter and charge controller sizes and brands
  • Wind turbine, hydro power and fuel generators
  • Housings for electrical components 

The sun2live solar power generation and energy storage system delivers reliable electricity on-demand to locations anywhere in the world. Our modular solution ensures a regular clean energy supply avoiding the use of expensive, difficult-to-maintain and polluting power sources. Combined with the application of top-tier energy storage solutions, sun2live offers a perfect possibility to benefit from the unlimited and economic power of the sun.

  • Wide range of power and storage capacity
  • Seamless switching between input sources to eliminate power interruptions
  • Custom sizes to match exactly the individual requirements of the client and minimise initial investment accordingly
  • Engineered to be installed quickly and operate / maintain easily
  • Online 24/7 performance monitoring to maximise uptime by the optional sun2see

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