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sun2roof is a flexible solution adaptable to local conditions and the special requirements of each customer.

Our system with its customised components such as the PV mounting structures and rooftop solar panels can be installed on nearly every roof regardless the material, offering the requested capacity depending on the size of the rooftop. The generated clean energy is applicable to meet the building’s demand or feed directly the national grid in case of a surplus.

  • Tailor-made solar panels, variety of possible PV modules (brands, power, quantities), PV mounting systems and power inverter
  • Easy connection to the national grid

The sun2roof is a customised environment-friendly solar power production system. Our rooftop solar power solution is installed on existing buildings, be it in small houses or huge industrial complexes, without needing to apply auxiliary installations for the transfer of the produced electricity. sun2roof as an easy to install and to maintain energy solution can meet the requested energy demand or support the stabilisation of the grid in areas with regular power outages or load shedding. The introduction of rooftop rental and the increasing rental revenues can generate an additional benefit.

  • Using existing rooftops to install the sun2roof system to generate energy
  • Support the stabilisation of the grid in areas with regular power outages or load shedding
  • Swiss-designed & German-engineered
  • Additional benefit of increasing rental revenues through the introduction of rooftop rental

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