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The SunCarrier single axis solar tracker is a flexible energy solution, with a superior performance due to its adaptable size, low maintenance requirements, and intelligent design features. The system price per generated kilowatt hour is reduced by creating scale effects for set-up and assembly times. Depending on the type of module used, up to 53 kWp of solar generation can be installed on each unit.

  • Vertical or alternatively the horizontal tracking axis
  • Control system to program module adjustment
  • High quality PV modules adapted to local conditions
  • Components requiring low maintenance efforts 

By adjusting the surface of its modules according to the current position of the sun, the SunCarrier single axis solar tracker guarantees higher energy yields than fixed solar systems. The tracking solution resists external forces, like strong winds, through its foundation and steel structure and therefore works at maximum capacity. We offer a single axis solar tracking solution that matches customer requirements and ensures a reliable and clean energy generation.

  • Highest possible energy yields
  • Low cost per generated kilowatt hour
  • Durability and serviceable life
  • Quality and reliability
  • Resistant to wind and snow 

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