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sun2go classic - FEATURES & BENEFITS

The sun2go classic as portable solar power system is a highly efficient and flexible energy solution that can be taken anywhere in order to deliver off-grid electricity. Thanks to the wheeled and rainproof trolley, sun2go is appropriate for remote areas suffering from unreliable grid connections.

During daylight hours, the battery of our portable solar power system can be charged by the PV modules, but also by diesel generators or the local electricity grid if required under special circumstances. Subsequently, the inverter and charge controller deliver either AC or DC power to your electrical devices. At night, these are supplied by the energy stored in the integrated battery.

  • Up to 2 kWh battery capacity (extendable with additional battery packs)
  • 600 Watt nominal peak power
  • AC and DC electric power
  • Internal cooling for operation under hot climate conditions
  • Standard or foldable PV module with carry bag
  • Heavy-duty wheeled trolley
  • Swiss-designed, German-engineered
  • Completely integrated system
  • Extended warranties for all components

Our sun2go classic portable solar power system offers the perfect solution for remote areas and hard to access locations such as islands, mountains, the desert or remote valleys to benefit from reliable and clean energy instead of using other sources of power that are cost-intensive and environment polluting for powering electronic devices. The easy-to-transport and shock-resistant design, and a combined weight under 30 kg. (66 lbs.) guarantee a sustainable and professional energy supply in a wide range of settings. sun2go classic portable solar power system delivers energy where it is most needed offering many benefits to the customers:

  • Swiss-designed & German-engineered
  • Reliable, 24/7 independent energy
  • “Power on the go” - no dependency on electricity grid
  • No diesel or associated costs
  • Plug & play system (easy to operate)
  • Built for operation in harsh environments
  • Almost maintenance free



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