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sun2go xl and xxl - FEATURES & BENEFITS

sun2go xl and xxl as portable or semi-portable (depending on the sizing) solar power and storage solutions represent a perfect way to establish a sustainable energy supply everywhere. Our systems allow a mobile alternative and grid-independent power generation, which offers total flexibility to ensure reliable energy supply independently from local supply conditions.

The sun2go xl and xxl solar power and storage systems are available in two different versions:

  • a mobile kit version with attached foldable photovoltaic (PV) modules
  • a semi-mobile version with external photovoltaic modules (to be anchored to the ground or roof)

sun2go xl and xxl combine everything customers require to produce, store and utilise their own energy:

  • PV modules for energy generation, a battery to store the produced energy and a communication tool to facilitate the monitoring of the system
  • Minimum weight of 32 kilograms and maximum weight of 500 kilograms depending on required power and storage
  • PV surface of nine to 18 square metres

Especially in remote areas, the application of fuel-based energy sources to generate electricity is a heavy burden with regards to the costs of fuel, its transport to sites and also the maintenance of the generators. The sun2go xl and xxl power and storage systems enable even hard to access locations to use the sun as a reliable, endless and environmentally friendly energy source.  No matter where – by substituting the use of fuel generators the sun2go xl and xxl are providing all the advantages of a sustainable electrical power generation:

  • Swiss-designed & German-engineered
  • Extremely easy & fast installation coupled with low maintenance
  • Independence from grid and its unreliability
  • Independence from polluting fuel generators and fuel prices
  • Flexibility through mobility



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