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sun2go xl and xxl - APPLICATIONS

sun2go xl and sun2go xxl offer a solar power and storage solution for a broad variety of applications and purposes. Due to the easy installation and low maintenance requirements our systems make clean and sustainable power generation accessible to everyone. sun2go xl and xxl furthermore allow to customise the performance according to the energy consumption. Therefore, this solar solution enables property owners as well as companies and organisations even in remote areas to contribute to a sustainable development as the installed systems in the Caribbean, Asia, Europe, the Indian Ocean and Africa show. Our sun2go xl and xxl solar power and storage systems can, for example, be used for the following locations and occasions:

  • Private houses
  • Shops
  • Construction sites
  • Remote telecom repeaters
  • Small hospitals
  • Weather stations
  • Monitoring equipment
  • Emergency stations
  • Disaster zones
  • Outdoor events

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