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Our hydro power generation solution consists of 3 main components (the diffuser, the generator and the electrical management system). The unit is delivered practically as a “Plug & Play” with a weight of 360 kg. We are offering a quick and robust installation as well as the transportation service.

The industrialised assembly of our hydro power generation system is convenient, secure and of superior quality. The permanent magnet, synchronous underwater generator, provides single-phase AC power with a slow RPM (90-230) closed circuit. The horizontal axis generator is waterproof with an air and oil sealing. Its cut-in speed starts at 0.7 m/s and the voltage ranges from 70 and 600 V (dependent on river velocity).

  • 3 main components per unit (“Plug & Play”)
  • Industrialised assembly
  • Permanent magnet VAC generator (5 kW)
  • Air/oil waterproof sealing
  • Water cooled
  • Operating at low RPM of 90 - 230
  • Cut in speed at 0.7 m/s

The hydro power generation system offers a robust and nature-friendly way of supplying energy by using the power of medium to strong water currents. Agricultural or lighting applications, rural communities or industrial clients are thus enabled to get access to the required electricity. Our solution is designed for grid-connected, hybrid or off-grid systems and can even be synchronised to an existing network. Clients also have the possibility to directly customise the electrical output.

  • Quick and robust transport and installation
  • Customisable electrical output
  • No permanent foundation or damming needed
  • Nature-friendly power generation solution

Several add-on products and services, such as an anchorage for the turbine, a debris protection and a 24 Volt DC power supply or a battery bank for off-grid applications complete our hydro power generation solution.

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