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Greenhouse specifications

  • Type: Venlo
  • Material: Hot dipped galvanised steel
  • Two snow load versions: 400 N/m2 or 800 N/m2
  • Wind load: 110 km/h
  • Crop load: 150 N/m2
  • PV supporting structure: Aluminium
  • Perimeter closing: Glass
  • Two PV modules installation types:
  1. Frameless and integrated PV modules
  2. Non-integrated rooftop PV installations


Design standard of the sun2grow solar greenhouse solution
Designed and manufactured in accordance with NEN 3859 issue by the “Nederlandse Normalisatie Institute” (Netherlands)

CASTA / Greenhouses
Software program for greenhouses modelling, developed by the Structural Engineering department of TNO Building and construction research

Structural components and load factors calculation
TNO program CASTA in full accordance with NEN 3859 2nd version and the European Standard UNE EN 13031-1

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