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meeco and its joint venture company PV Energy Ltd. will implement several solar energy systems in the Caribbean island of St. Kitts. sun2live ground-mounted solar power solutions as well as sun2roof rooftop solar solutions, with a total capacity of up to 1.5 MW, are planned to be installed in various areas providing electrical energy to the Marriott Hotel St. Kitts, in cooperation with the local privately held electricity and water provider Royal Utilities. 

One of the first projects will be the installation of sun2roof and sun2live PV systems providing the Marriott Hotel St. Kitts with renewable energy. The clean power solutions contribute in lowering energy costs (shave-off), while ensuring a consistent water and electricity supply, which is essential for the beach resort and its guests. Investing into this renewable energy project means benefiting from the full reliability and efficiency of the sun as an infinite and free source of power.  

The Caribbean island of St. Kitts offers excellent preconditions for the use of solar energy sources. Thanks to the high radiation level of the area, combined with very competitive costs for solar energy systems and improved technologies, the clean energy projects of this kind represent a productive, efficient and eco-friendly energy generation for the small island state. With the very cost-intensive import of fossil fuels, solar energy is gaining steam in St. Kitts for the guarantees and the independence in terms of electricity supply that a solar power system offers.
The value created in social benefits from these solar projects is significant, resulting in local employment and training during the project development and further in the operations and maintenance of the systems. Participating in these sun2live and sun2roof solar projects in St. Kitts represents an attractive and sustainable investment opportunity, at the same time a contribution to a greener future on the island state.



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