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shifting to clean energy for a sustainable future
shifting to clean energy for a sustainable future
shifting to clean energy for a sustainable future



The mission of our renewable energy company is to reduce carbon emissions and spur economic growth by creating reliable and affordable clean energy solutions. We further aim to ensure an attractive return on investment for our clients and strategic partners.

Sustainability and environmental protection are our priorities. Creating efficient and sustainable renewable energy projects including intelligent energy storage, especially in areas with unstable grids or remote territories, inspires us constantly on our path towards a clean energy future. Our aim is to enable everyone to benefit from cost effective and environmental friendly renewable power production as an alternative to fossil fuel energy. Our employees and partners are achievers in environmental, economical and social standards.

We assume responsibility today – for a clean and sustainable future!

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Use your generated solar energy effectively for your own home. The intelligent all-in-one energy storage and management system sun2safe offers a sustainable power supply and ensures independence from the public grid. sun2safe is a tailor-made energy storage solution, individually designed and configured for all types of houses and adapted to local power grid conditions - an all-round service package for getting started in photovoltaics.

    Reliable, trouble-free energy supply

    Reduce energy costs through maximum internal consumption

    Payback period after 6 to 9 years thanks to falling electricity storage prices

    Maximum power generation through Maximum Power Point Tracking



Environmental services meets Renewable energy

The REWA group is one of the world’s leading suppliers in the dewatering market and one of the largest service companies for chamber filter presses. Decades of experience, customized solutions and a comprehensive range of services in their main business of chamber filter presses and mobile sludge dewatering, ensures their success in the long term.

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sun2MobiDes – Now for rent!

This need for regular and reliable disinfection seems to settle for long, and whether we like it or not, it will have to be integrated into nearly every walk of our lives. Our sun2MobiDes facilitates this already, being

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sun2MobiDes shines in a new design

The users can now have a more pleasant experience without feeling locked in a closed environment. At the same time, the people outside the airlock can view what happens inside the unit and watch the disinfecting process, while waiting to enter. This way time goes faster and the fear disappears slowly. Furthermore, the stylish and trendy optic generates a comfortable, trusting and hygienic atmosphere.

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sun2MobiDes – Operating expenses

Comparing alternative solutions can only be reasonable when comparing apples to apples and not apples to onions. In other words, not only consider one aspect of the solution i.e the initial investment, but more importantly the mid and long-term operating expenses, too. When purchasing a new car, the real dilemma is not only the, let’s say 30.000 Euros spent, but also what’s it going to cost in fuel, insurance, maintenance & repair, taxes, amortisation etc. For example, a BMW might seem expensive at a first glance. In the long run it is the safer and cheaper car with a better investment.

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Mobile disinfection solution: Why sun2MobiDes?

What have we all experienced in the last two months of lockdown? Fear, isolation, pain, suffering, loss, nostalgia, hope…to name just a few; and above all uncertainty due to many unanswered questions.

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sun2MobiDes – New facts and information – Key differences to other solutions

The sun2MobiDes mobile disinfection container can be delivered and placed at short notice and almost anywhere. The sun2safe solar generation and energy storage system, secures an uninterrupted power supply for continuous operation and thereby service. The sun2MobiDes is equipped with a fogging nozzle system for large-area distribution of the disinfectant.

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sun2MobiDes – Latest technical updates – More models to come

sun2MobiDes is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Currently, 5 alternatives are available. The disinfection solutions are adjusted to correspond different conditions and environments. A customised solution is also possible depending on the requirements of the customers.

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Mobile Desinfektionscontainer bieten Schutz vor CoVid19 mit Sonnenstrom

Die Corona-Krise stellt Unternehmen, Ambulanzen, Krankenhäuser, Seniorenheime, soziale Einrichtungen und Ärzte in aller Welt vor große Herausforderungen. Insbesondere Hygiene und Desinfektion sind dabei lebenswichtig. Für eine schnelle, flexible und vor allem energieautarke Hilfe dabei sorgen nun die Peter Kenkel GmbH gemeinsam mit der meeco AG. Die beiden Unternehmen entwickelten den mobilen Desinfektionscontainer sun2MobiDes, der schnell und unkompliziert vor Krankenhäusern, Pflegeheimen, sonstigen sozialen Einrichtungen, Bürogebäuden oder auf Firmengeländen aufgebaut und autark betrieben werden kann.

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Mobile disinfection container powered with renewable energy offers protection against CoVid 19

The Corona virus crisis challenges companies, hospitals, retirement homes, social institutions and medics around the world. Hygiene and disinfection are vital. That’s why The meeco Group and Peter Kenkel GmbH have joined forces in providing fast, flexible and energy self-sufficient support. The two companies have developed a mobile disinfection container, sun2MobiDes, which not only can be operated autonomously but also mounted quickly and easily at hospitals, nursing homes, other social facilities, office buildings or company premises.

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Why go solar?

In the recent years, climate change awarness has become a constant amongst the majority of the global population. The media, and particularly the online based, persistently turn news around saving the planet, environmental pollution, plastic usage reduction, alternative energy sources and carbon footprint reduction.

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