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In 2016 a highly customised PV energy shelter has been built by meeco on a private property in Cork, an Irish country region. A 14 metres long and 6 metres high aluminium substructure was equipped with 40 polycrystalline solar modules, providing the main and the guesthouse with eco-friendly energy from the sun. This shelter, thoroughly designed and installed by meeco in 2016, protects the modules and the wiring from animals, and gives to the property owner an additional space to store goods underneath the structure. The installation combines two components: the solar power generation system sun2live with a nominal capacity of 10 kWp and the energy storage and management solution sun2safe. The batteries of the sun2safe can either be charged by the sun2live solar system or, during cloudy days, by the grid. This tailor-made hybrid solution guarantees a stable and reliable energy supply.

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