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The decision to invest into a renewable energy project arises out of multiple and highly different reasons and requirements. From the farmers who need to irrigate their remote off-grid fields, through the hospital director who intends to avoid power cuts, to the investor who wants to place funds into a clean energy project. Whereas private property owners wish to shave off electricity costs, hotel owners would be seeking for a quiet and clean solution to replace noisy and disturbing diesel generator whilst saving cost at the same time. That is why we, at The meeco Group, strive to be present in as many markets as possible with our complete portfolio of services and solutions.

By combining advisory services and asset management with our turnkey energy solutions we provide customers with more than just the sheer components that form a solar installation. We see the individual requirements of each client / project and provide the necessary energy advisory service to develop a comprehensive strategy and to realise tailor-made renewable energy projects step by step.

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