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The prosperous establishment of renewable energy solutions is the result of a thoughtful investment strategy, well-organised delivery and reliable implementation – so the first assumption. In fact, The meeco Group’s philosophy goes far beyond this. A deep bond ties us with our customers: the steady endeavour to reduce fossil fuel dependency and carbon footprint. Present on five continents and active with ongoing projects in more than 21 different countries, we attend to the variety of client profiles and requirements with clean energy by being part of the solar powered community and sharing the same core values.

Energy – just like water, food and clean air – is a basic necessity to ensure socioeconomic development. However nearly a fifth of the global population continues to live without access to electricity (source: World Energy Outlook), leaving them at a stark disadvantage in nearly every aspect of their lives, damaging therefore their health and even putting their lives at risk. Education has always been a key factor in helping people escape from poverty, however too many children lack access to resources that are required to provide proper education and care at schools. No electricity means no lighting for students in the evening, no air conditioning during hot day hours as well as no power to operate or charge communication devices such as computers or cell phones. Thus internet access is impossible, which among others is a key basis for successful and comprehensive learning. In order to make a difference in such areas, for the past years meeco has been supporting schools in emerging countries like India, Mauritius, the Carribean and Pakistan with green power.

Several studies show, that in the long run, green energy investments will create even more jobs than fossil fuels. The latest International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)’s report revealed, that in 2014, almost 8 million people were employed in the renewable energy sector around the world. Being a global group, we are committed to hire local professionals, share our passion and expertise and boost the professional skills and qualifications of our partners in every market. Just one example:  During the installation of the 3 MWp photovoltaic power plant at the V.C. Bird International Airport of Antigua, we introduced a series of trainings and workshops enabling our partners there to strengthen their expertise in order to operate and maintain renewable power sources accurately. Through these initiatives, we have been demonstrating our full engagement towards the Caribbean community as well as our contribution to the modernization and development of the national economy.

Not only renewable energy lights the path out of poverty by vitalising countries’ socioeconomic activity, but it also confronts the threats of global warming and air pollution. In fact, sunlight – having the highest theoretical potential of the earth’s renewable energy sources – is an inexhaustible source, which, if captured efficiently  could in only one hour meet the world energy demands for a whole year (Source: Sandia National Laboratories). In a world where around 36 billion tons of carbon dioxide are emitted into the atmosphere every year, the switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources should be much more encouraged on behalf of environmental and nature protection.

Together with our local partners and through already plenty of fruitful projects, we have been successfully committing ourselves to ensure effective climate protection at both local and global level in order to enhance the face of the world for future generations. Since 2000, we are working with a variety of clients from developed and emerging countries, willing to increase their energy efficiency and reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases. In order to respond to all country-specific needs and guarantee the long-term success of each project, we bank on our global network of subsidiaries and partners. As each of our clients’ story is unique, we adjust our products and services to their distinctive requirements by providing custom-made solutions and clear advisory services – such as strategic consulting, project services and financial advisory – in order to address each local requirements.

Encouraging next generations to learn more about environmental conservation is finally part of our ongoing effort to raise and empower the awareness of renewable energy solutions. By supporting several schools across the Asian, Carribean and African continents with the establishment of sustainable solutions for power generation as substitutes for fossil fuels, we set an example for respecting the principles of environmental stewardship. By changing the way the world is powered and replacing noxious power sources by renewables, we are recreating a cleaner and greener tomorrow. 



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