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The joint venture Onesun Solar Limited between The meeco Group and the Zimbabwean leader of electric industrial manufacturing and distribution Powerspeed Electrical, was founded in November 2015. Previously, meeco was already engaged in Zimbabwe since late 2013 and had worked towards establishing a solid local Joint Venture. Onesun Solar Limited installs clean energy projects country-wide in order to promote sustainable development by taking advantage of the vast experience of the founding companies.

Key information
Founding Companies
Powerspeed Electrical
The meeco Group
Date of foundation
Harare, Zimbabwe

The weather conditions in Zimbabwe, as one of the sunniest and best-irradiated countries in the world, are perfectly suitable for solar energy installations. Encouraging alternative power production resources is imperative for the country as it enables to dispense with the national grid, avoid load shedding and power cuts, and give the possibility to supply remote off-grid areas with reliable power. Exploiting the energy from the sun, as an infinite power source, leads to consistent and sustainable power supply, which consequently supports the growth of a green economy.  

Onesun Solar Limited aims to create clean energy projects for Zimbabwe by joining the expertise of both founding companies. Within this cooperation, The meeco Group delivers turnkey renewable energy products, such as the solar energy generation and storage system sun2live, the rooftop solar solution sun2roof, and the intelligent energy management system sun2safe. On the other hand, Powerspeed as one of Zimbabwe’s most experienced hardware and electrical retailer, with an excellent market position and network, sells the solar solutions through its sixteen outlets in Zimbabwe and also directly to private and commercial clients.

sun2safe, meeco’s intelligent energy management system, is one of the most requested renewable energy solutions as it perfectly meets the energy requirements of customers in the Zimbabwean market. Clients can discover the benefits of a 10 kVA-sized sun2safe in the centre of an Electrosales Hardware outlet, a Powerspeed division. Additionally, in the premises of Powerspeed Central Store, another 10 kVA unit was installed.

onesun Solar Limited

22 Simon Mazorodze Road | Harare | Zimbabwe
Phone: +2 63 4 754 652

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