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The meeco Group is present in the Pakistani renewable energy market since 2008 through its local subsidiary meeco Services Pakistan Ltd. as well as the joint venture OurSun Solar Power Ltd., founded together with two major players of the Pakistani industry.

Key information
Syed Saad Zafar
Nadeem Babar
Adnan Asdar
Founding Companies
meeco Services Pakistan
Orient Power
Date of foundation
Lahore, Pakistan


meeco services Pakistan jointly with Mr. Nadeem Babar, founder and managing partner of the multi-national energy company Orient Power, and Mr. Adnan Asdar, founder and managing partner of Multinet, the leading data and voice communication provider in Pakistan, have founded the joint venture OurSun Solar Power Ltd. in October 2013. This cooperation of the clean energy provider with two important representatives of the Pakistani industry promotes the implementation of renewable energy projects, towards a reliable energy production and a sustainable development of Pakistan.

The team in Pakistan has already been contributing to the growth of the local solar sector since 2008. By joining forces with two strong industry players, the realisation of photovoltaic power solutions combined with commercial power purchase agreements in Pakistan can further be fostered. Given the constantly rising energy costs and the unreliability of the national grid, the implementation of renewable energy solutions becomes more important. Through the installation of solar power facilities, OurSun Solar Power Ltd. is able to provide reliable, efficient and economical solutions to its Pakistani business clients, independent from the energy market.

Within the joint venture, meeco is responsible for design, layout, engineering, planning and supervision of the solar projects, as well as procurement of components outside of Pakistan. The two Pakistani partners are in charge of the legal support, execution planning, local procurement as well as support in operation, maintenance and administrative services.

The projects realised in the first years of the cooperation cover diverse areas of application, from industrial clients and residential installations up to the implementation of solar plants on the rooftop of university and hospital buildings. The meeco Group is especially proud of supporting the Shalamar Hospital in Lahore in its work for charity and humanism. After having installed a 350 kWp sun2roof solar solution, the daily mission of offering free of charge treatments to impecunious patients is powered by clean and reliable energy.

OurSun Solar Power Limited

House #3, Street 6 | Cavalry Ground
54810 Lahore | Pakistan
Phone: +92 42 366 76 332 | Fax: +92 42 366 76 398

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