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meeco services Deutschland GmbH, as an influential subsidiary of The meeco Group, provides support to the entire company since 1998 with its international expertise. Moreover, meeco’s public relations and design agency, meeco Communication Services GmbH, manages the company’s overall marketing and communication processes from there.

Key information
meeco Services Deutschland GmbH
Date of foundation
Dresden, Germany


meeco Services Deutschland GmbH contributes to the realisation of renewable energy projects in Germany and beyond. During the planning stage of The meeco Group’s international solar power generation and energy storage installations, the German subsidiary is mainly responsible for the technical planning, design and layout. The engineers thereby closely cooperate with the other departments of the company in order to find the best-suited and customised energy solution for each client.

Moreover, meeco Services Deutschland overseas the financial and administrative aspects of all international projects, such as the key account and supply chain management, and the advisory services for investors.

Among the projects realised in Germany, the solar system installed in Bürstadt belongs to the largest ones. The meeco subsidiary in Germany managed the development and design of this 5,025 kWp project, as well as its implementation and construction. Together with the investor and a solar project owner, the team further accomplished a 143 kWp sun2roof project in Blaubeuren, in a restored former textile factory, one of the historical heritages of the city. The rooftop system, with 135,850 kWh energy production per year and 88 tons of CO2 saving has been adapted to the historical architecture of the building and the surrounding landscape.

meeco Communication Services

Headquarters of communication

As a member of The meeco Group, meeco Communication Services is responsible for the group’s overall public relations and marketing activities. As part of an international company with a strong network in Germany and internationally, the agency additionally provides communication services and solutions to companies wanting to improve their editorial presence in the media across a variety of platforms.

  • Marketing
  • Internal, external, written communication (online and offline)
  • Visual identity / graphic design, public relation and web-design
  • Product appearance design
  • Social Media support and monitoring 

meeco Services Deutschland GmbH 

Moritzburger Weg 67 | 01109 Dresden | Germany
Phone: +49 351 79597900 | Fax: +49 351 79597969

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