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The headquarters of The meeco Group, as a worldwide operator in the energy business is located in Zug, Switzerland. All the administrative and operational processes of the company including the subsidiaries and joint ventures across four continents are centrally guided and supported from the headquarters management.

The meeco Group has been consolidated in 2000 and is based on a global holding structure from a more than 80-year-old family business in the energy sector. The core company today has well over 80 employees working in the worldwide offices and subsidiaries. Each of meeco’s international offices has its own local administration, sales and finance and accounting structures. The headquarters management in Zug is responsible for the central support and guidance of the administrative and organisational processes implemented at local level.

In addition to the global expertise through our direct subsidiaries, we have also established a strong network of joint ventures enabling us to provide reliable and clean energy to even more regions around the globe by having a strong local presence. The foundation of joint ventures is to us a guarantee for a close cooperation with local companies and thus a timely and pertinent awareness of the respective needs and local requirements with regards to law and legislation, finance, culture but also natural pre-conditions such as irradiation.

From our headquarters in Zug we define our strategic orientation, with the continuous target to provide renewable energy to more countries, with clean energy projects, which include the appropriate top-tier technologies and customised energy solutions.

meeco AG

Industriestrasse 16 | 6300 Zug | Switzerland
Phone: +41 41 710 51 71 | Fax: +41 41 712 14 54

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