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Aiming to actively contribute to reducing the country’s dependence on fossil fuels, The meeco Group has made its market entrance to the Fiji islands in late 2016 to be operational as off 2017. Together with Soham Investments Pte Ltd., the jointly founded and managed company oursun Pacific Pte Limited will foster the growing influence of renewable energy sources in the region.

Key information
Sanjit Patel
Nayeem Subedar
Founding Companies
The meeco Group
Soham Investments Pte Ltd.
Date of foundation
Nadi, Fiji


With its 330 small islands, Fiji regularly has to face the severe consequences of climate change. Rising sea levels and extreme weather conditions represent a big challenge for the Pacific island state. Currently, the country’s energy supply is mainly based on polluting fossil fuels. The dependence on oil imports causes extremely high costs and makes Fiji vulnerable to the fluctuations of the global oil market.

To meet the rising energy demand and face the challenges caused by climate change, oursun Pacific aims to enhance the impact of the clean energy sector in Fiji. Given the excellent preconditions for renewable energy installations, the implementation of small-, medium- and possibly some larger scale solar projects country-wide will ensure a stable, reliable and independent power supply on all the islands and at the same time lead to an important reduction of electricity costs whilst fostering economic growth.

Especially the installation of meeco’s solar power generation and storage system sun2live, the rooftop solar solution sun2roof and the intelligent energy management system sun2safe will help private investors to shave off costs and establish an independent and sustainable energy generation. Furthermore, the implementation of clean energy solutions represents a significant step for the tourism sector as one of the key industries in the region. Numerous small hotel islands will be able to independently ensure a consistent power supply for their guests.

The planned installation of larger scale solar projects and the supply of public institutions with clean energy installations further contribute to shift away from polluting and expensive fossil fuels towards economic renewable energy sources on the Fiji islands.

oursun Pacific Pte Ltd.

184 Kennedy Avenue | P.O. Box 2884 | Nadi, Fiji

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