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oursun Canada Inc. is a joint venture between the Swiss based meeco Group and the Canada based Supan Group. The company develops renewable energy projects not only in Canada, but also in other regions of the world through Supan’s extensive global business contacts. 

Key Information
Lalith Gunaratne, Sudhanshu Varma, Thomas Beindorf, Hartmut Boden
Date of foundation
Ottawa, Canada


oursun Canada Inc. combines the local expertise of Supan and its associates with meeco’s long history and know how in engineering, planning, installing and operating solar energy projects worldwide as well as top tier and long life components,. This ensures that each renewable energy project of oursun Canada fully satisfies its Canadian and international customers.

The USP for oursun Canada is its ability to build, own, operate and monitor the energy infrastructure based on a business to business power purchase agreement for creditworthy remotely located industries, mines, aboriginal communities, municipalities, etc., who today mainly rely on the use of diesel for their power generation requirements. oursun Canada also offers a host of hybrid and tribrid solar / renewable  power generation systems for many remote applications ranging across residential/commercial requirements, telecom, water pumping, lighting, greenhouses, etc.

The joint venture benefits from the expertise of two renowned companies. The meeco Group has an 80-year history in the energy business, providing today customers on five continents with renewable energy projects and energy storage solutions. The principals of The Supan Group have over 40 years experience in the international solar energy business including research, manufacturing, setting up turn-key production plants, technology transfer, training and consulting. Supan offers solar project development, engineering, procurement, construction, monitoring and maintenance services to its customers in Canada. It also owns and operates a small portfolio of solar power projects with Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) contracts in Ontario, Canada.

oursun Canada Inc.

1877 Chaine Court | Ottawa, ON KIC 2W6 | Canada

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