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The meeco Group has established a new Joint Venture with B & H Electrical having 20 years of experience in business in Botswana. Recognised as one of the most reputable electrical contracting companies, our partner has a strong track record of successfully delivering a number of high-profile projects in Botswana. The new joint venture has been established to respond to the increasing interest in solar as an alternative to expensive and polluting forms of energy generation. BHE oursun Limited will develop new products, services and new opportunities and builds on the wealth of experience the two companies have aiming to further speed up the adoption of new clean energy services in Botswana.

Key information
Founding Companies
BH - Electrical Botswana, The meeco Group
Date of foundation
Gaborone, Botswana


Botswana, recognised as one of the best-irradiated countries in the world, offers great preconditions for solar energy installations. Through the exploitation of the energy from the sun, as an infinite power source, a reliable and sustainable power supply can be established, which consequently supports the growth of a green economy.  In order to reduce the country’s dependance on the cost-intensive import of energy for the national grid, to avoid power cuts and to provide consistent and affordable clean energy to communities living in off-grid areas, the expansion of alternative power production resources is imperative. 

BHE oursun Limited aims to bring new clean energy services for Botswana by joining the expertise of both founding companies. Within this cooperation, meeco is responsible for the delivery of turnkey renewable energy services and products, such as the solar energy generation and storage system sun2live, the rooftop solar solution sun2roof, and the intelligent energy management system sun2safe.

The strategy of the Joint Venture will be to demonstrate the technology and the cost benefits to be gained through the use of solar energy. A local team of electrical engineers has already had training sessions in the field of solar technology and the company will develop more opportunities for young Botswana to gain further exposure to the myriad of technical requirements for designing, building and maintaining the installed clean energy capacity.

BHE oursun Limited has established a demonstration project of two of the products the company will be promoting. The sun2safe, meeco’s intelligent energy management system, is one of the most requested renewable energy solutions as it perfectly meets the energy requirements of customers in the Botswana market. Clients can discover the benefits of a 5 up to 100 kVA-sized sun2safe and the new sun2go solution targeting the off or weak grid commercial and residential customer. 

The sun2flow system installed is targeting the agricultural sector water requirements and aims to displace expensive genset use. In addition to the planned sun2flow, sun2live and sun2safe projects, the implementation of meeco’s water treatment solutions sun2water is in preparation.

BHE oursun Limited Botswana

Plot 20591 | Broadhurst Ind, Gaborone | Botswana
Phone: +267 395 3440



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