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Responsibility towards the environment and living beings, discipline, organisation, determination, companionship with colleagues, constant and lifelong learning, innovation, fairness and integrity are core values that not only define our work in the renewable energy sector but also embody beliefs and attitudes in other important branches and areas of life. Therefore, meeco aims to support people’s commitment to those values – especially through the sponsorship of The meeco Equestrian Team.

The meeco Group supports the equestrian sport as sponsor and has its own horse jumping team since 2011. Based in Spain, The meeco Equestrian Team takes part in Spanish and European Championships. The team is composed of five young ambitious horse riders, the trainer Andrew Saether, one home and one show groom, and dedicated family and friends. With more than 250 participations in different trials during 15 to 20 show jumping events per year, The meeco Equestrian Team pursues a long walk to success, with an unflagging zeal in order to progress constantly. The young show jumping riders are dedicated and eager to improve their equestrian skills, together with their horses. Thus, the responsible interaction of the riders with their horses, as reliable partners, is essential for the daily work and success of the team.

The meeco Equestrian Team is based in Alicante, Spain, benefiting from the excellent training facilities at the “Finca meeco”. Since 2016, the top rider Andrew Saether coaches the team. Andrew has been part of the show jumping business for many years, with an early horse-riding career from the age of seven. As a member of several British teams, he was the winner of numerous gold medal championships.
Andrew spent 20 years of his career in Germany, where he gained the German title “Goldenes Reitabzeichen” after having moved from England in just one year of competition.

Following several years of coaching in Poland, Russia and Qatar where he qualified his team for the Olympics in Rio 2016, Andrew is now based in Spain. Eager to broaden his skills, he is currently applying for the level 3 coaching qualification of the highly recognised UK Coaching Certificates’ (UKCCs).  With his vast experience and his steady desire to improve and to train riders and horses, Andrew Saether has the perfect assets to coach The meeco Equestrian Team. 

Andrew’s personal motto “Jumping is the perfection of dressage with bumps” motivates The meeco Equestrian Team to tirelessly train. The already achieved great progress in the team’s performance is a perceptible proof.

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