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Mobile disinfection airlock now in glass side version

Efficiency, simplicity of use and immediate availability in the market was the focus of the first sun2MobiDes models. Recently, our architects and engineers have applied visual design improvements as an optional upgrade to the existing models. The units can now be delivered with the frontal and major parts of the side walls made of an elegant three layered tempered glass. This gives to the sun2Mobides a stunning, translucent and transparent look, making it even more user friendly. The sun2MobiDes remains the most efficient and easy to maintain and operate mobile disinfection airlock. The new adjustments have  enhanced its appearance, and the wall transparency will give confidence to the users who have possible fears of a full body disinfection process.

The users can now have a more pleasant experience without feeling locked in a closed environment. At the same time, the people outside the airlock can view what happens inside the unit and watch the disinfecting process, while waiting to enter. This way time goes faster and the fear disappears slowly. Furthermore, the stylish and trendy optic generates a comfortable, trusting and hygienic atmosphere.


Not only will the users benefit from this design adjustment for its practicality, glass has the ability to make the structure look sophisticated and add beauty to our solution. Additionally, the new sun2MobiDes material, is fully weatherproof, dust-tight and simple to clean, rust free, and devoid of gradual deterioration due to chemical and environmental effects. Lastly, as a sustainable company, we not only give importance to the optical and sanitary benefits, but also to the preservation of the environment. Glass is 100% recyclable and doesn´t deteriorate during the recycling process and can therefore be recycled over and over without loss of quality and purity.

The new design can be obtainable with your new orders, please do not forget to request this option!



sun2MobiDes Brochure
sun2MobiDes Brochure



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