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The devil is in the detail

Over the last 4 weeks since the sun2MobiDes has been launched, several solutions from presumed competitors have been signalled to us. These systems are being promoted across the globe to address the issue of disinfection of people and objects prior to entering or after exiting facilities, events or congregations. These solutions come from as far as Afghanistan up to Zimbabwe and even the Caribbean.

Comparing alternative solutions can only be reasonable when comparing apples to apples and not apples to onions. In other words, not only consider one aspect of the solution i.e the initial investment, but more importantly the mid and long-term operating expenses, too. When purchasing a new car, the real dilemma is not only the, let’s say 30.000 Euros spent, but also what’s it going to cost in fuel, insurance, maintenance & repair, taxes, amortisation etc. For example, a BMW might seem expensive at a first glance. In the long run it is the safer and cheaper car with a better investment.

The argument heard very often recently is that the sun2MobiDes is expensive. Though comments are appreciated, this argument can only be valid if the sun2MobiDes is bought as a commodity, as an exposition unit or a must have, never to be used.

A rewarding comparison is the one on the cost of operations and long-term upkeep. To our knowledge, and after careful comparison of our operational data with the ones of the few companies actually able to provide such data, it results that no other mobile disinfection unit is even remotely as economic as the sun2MobiDes whilst achieving the same level of disinfection.


Why is this so?


The sun2MobiDes was conceived and designed to address first and foremost the durability of the airlock and the long-term operating expenses, which naturally entails a more robust and exceedingly engineered reliable solution.

The key issue to save running costs is the increase of throughput whilst reducing the disinfectant usage and related specific costs. To give you an example:

The one unit most comparable to the sun2MobiDes, in terms of materials and mobility, we have been made aware of by now, requires 20ltr of disinfectant per 316 people – without specifying the level of disinfection that will be achieved:

    • • The difference in operating cost is huge, as the sun2MobiDes, equipped with the same amount of disinfectant disinfects 1.050 people to a level of 99.9%.

    • • While the competing unit can disinfect up to 180 people per hour, the sun2MobiDes can do 4 times as much with up to 720 people per hour.

  • • This means that the sun2MobiDes achieves nearly 4 times the rate of operations at 30% of the operational cost.


Assuming the competing unit/solution:

    • • operates a disinfection unit only 10 hours per day, and

    • • during this time only 1.800 people are being disinfected, and

  • • taking into consideration that the cost for the disinfectant per person will be in the range of 0,15 USD,

the result of the calculation becomes staggering and even more supports our claim that with the sun2MobiDes we are providing the most affordable and competitive solution.


Based on the above figures:

    • • the competing unit will consume approx. 270 USD worth of disinfectant per day

  • • whilst the sun2MobiDes will only consume 90 USD worth of disinfectant per day

This means, 5.400 USD in consumable savings with the sun2MobiDes every month if operated at only 30% load capacity!



If required to disinfect more volumes, the competition will need to provide two or many more units whilst the sun2MobiDes can disinfect up to 16.000 (design capacity) people per day, meaning the related savings will be doubling, tripling or quadrupling.

With the sun2MobiDes, at its design capacity rate of up to 16.000 people disinfected per day, the disinfectant savings will be approx. 42.000 USD per month.

The decision on which disinfection system to purchase must be driven by the quality, level of disinfection, the automation of the system and the amount of disinfectant used per person. This is what will matter in the months and years to come. The difference is that this is not a home kitchen unused commodity that we all have somewhere, but a solution to help us better survive today’s conditions.

Finally, the sun2MobiDes being fully mobile, automated, online monitored and made out of stainless steel to last for many years is the superior product, offers the most economic and affordable solution.


sun2MobiDes Brochure
sun2MobiDes Brochure


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