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Disinfection Airlock – Mobile meets Rental – A perfect match!

Following the COVID-19 global pandemic the need for disinfection has become part of our “new normal”. Our daily experiences show that the virus is not going away as fast, or as reliably as we would wish, and that within our global village, we are not safe from other infectious diseases spreading in the future either.

This need for regular and reliable disinfection seems to settle for long, and whether we like it or not, it will have to be integrated into nearly every walk of our lives. Our sun2MobiDes facilitates this already, being the only completely mobile, self-sustainable, automated and fully licensed disinfection airlock in the market.

Mobile, solarpowered and thorough disinfection airlock for people and objects.


Clients can always trust in the sun2MobiDes automated disinfection.

Manual disinfection costs you or the responsible staff valuable time, and it might not be as thorough as the sun2MobiDes automated disinfection. While the automatic disinfection with the sun2MobiDes always maintains the same 99,99 % disinfection standard, can you guarantee this with manual disinfection?


Automated Disinfection Airlock – Mobile meets Rental

When you read “mobile”, naturally you think of flexibility, motion. This is precisely what we are currently offering to our customers: the ultimate flexibility with a rental solution making the financial considerations much less painful.

The sun2MobiDes can now be made available within days on the back of a rental scheme, at a rental cost (consumables not included) of less than half a cent per person that is being disinfected. The sun2MobiDes rental model caters for:

  • – clients who have the immediate need for disinfection service but are not yet clear concerning the investment decision, the procurement or budgetary constraints and their future needs in terms of time and technical set up or
  • – clients who have the need for disinfection service in various different locations at different times and different operational environments.

In these cases, the sun2MobiDes can provide a fast, flexible and affordable solution, free of operational and logistical headaches. We simply take the complexity of disinfection out of your way so you can focus on your business, whilst enjoying the sun2MobiDes’s benefits providing reliable disinfection for your staff, clients, patients or visitors.


sun2MobiDes is now available for rental.


The sun2MobiDes rental option helps you eliminate inventory investment, asset ownership, and even simplifies tax compliance, whilst giving you:

  • – An immediately available, fully licensed operational solution
  • – Improved cash flow
  • – Easier and more reliable budgeting
  • – Ultimate flexibility
  • – Release from the responsibility of ownership

All sun2MobiDes models are now being offered under a rental arrangement and what is most important, with numbers that work for you! Assuming the unit is operating at nominal disinfectant capacity of up to 700 people per hour, the rental cost per person, excluding the disinfectant, is of 0,006 USD (indeed we are talking about 50% of one cent!).

This offers you the opportunity of operating the sun2MobiDes 24 hours on 365 days with full cost control and flexibility. We have come a long way to make disinfection affordable for all!

Contact us for your model and your sun2MobiDes rental scheme!

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sun2MobiDes Brochure
sun2MobiDes Brochure



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