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The sun2MobiDes mobile disinfection container can be delivered and placed at short notice and almost anywhere. The sun2safe solar generation and energy storage system, secures an uninterrupted power supply for continuous operation and thereby service. The sun2MobiDes is equipped with a fogging nozzle system for large-area distribution of the disinfectant.


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Customised solutions available!

We are aware that not all our customers’ needs will be covered by our current sun2MobiDes disinfection airlock assortment. Several requests for specific solutions or products and model variations have reached us recently. Hence our decision to design and build customised sun2MobiDes systems, that will meet best the specific demands and will be the most fitting solutions to each customer and venue.

We are available 24/7. Please contact us at .


sun2MobiDes disinfectant: Benefits at a glance

sun2MobiDes disinfectant is a liquid biocidal disinfectant with excellent disinfection behavior. It disinfects all water resistant surfaces and inventory in hospitals & other medical centres, public buildings, offices, manufacturing companies, airports, kitchens, sanitary, household and other areas. Effective against microorganisms and bio-films.

✓ Short exposure time, broad antimicrobial action

✓ Depot effect suppresses new germination

✓ Sustainable effectiveness: isolates resistance formation

✓ Ingredients effective against: SARS-CoV-2, P. aeruginosa, E. coli, L. pneumophila i.a.

✓ Free of allergens and fragrances

Synergetic combination of disinfecting chlorine- oxygen- compounds
Effective against 99.9% of pathogenic germs, such as Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and others
Ensures reliable surface disinfection, suppresses new germ formation


sun2MobiDes disinfectant: Properties

Active ingredients: Solution of approx. 0.003% chlorine dioxide generated

Dosage from: Ready-to-use solution for spray or wipe application

Concentration of acvite substance: < 330 ppm

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sun2MobiDes – Facts and figures

sun2MobiDes comes as a ready to operate stand alone unit with the following dimensions (shippable in a 20 feet container).


The standard sun2mobides unit…

… can disinfect in each zone 4 people at the same time

… can be operated at 50 cycles per each zone per hour = up to 400 people per hour

… can disinfect during a 22 hour operations per day (2 hours for cleaning and maintenance) meaning up to 8.800 people

… can be delivered with a supply of an EU certified disinfectant but can be operated as well with water solulable disfectants as per local regulations and certifications

During each cycle for each zone approx. 160ml of disinfectant is needed and approx. 60wh of electricity (excluding AC or heating)



✓ Full disinfection with fogging nozzle system
✓ Room system with two integrated hygiene locks
✓ Spray nozzles for optimal distribution
✓ No power outtages and optimum positioning thanks to autark solar generation and energy storage system sun2safe
✓ Complete solution, ready for immediate use
✓ Allows for airlock disinfection of parcels and shipments (conveyor belt runs objects through airlock for disinfection)



sun2MobiDes Brochure
sun2MobiDes Brochure



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