sun2live project for Mabaruma region in Guyana will soon be completed

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We realise the installation of a 400 kWp off-grid sun2live solution for a remote community in Guyana

Together with our partners in the local joint venture company oursun Guyana, we are in the process of completing the 400 kWp solar power project in Mabaruma, Guyana.


We are in the process of completing the sun2live project in Mabaruma.


The clean energy sun2live project comprises the installation of a 400 kWp ground-mounted solar solution together with batteries offering a storage capacity of 400 kWh. Upon completion, the small remote community in the very North of the country, close to the Venezuelan border, can rely on 1,808 kWh of reliable renewable energy per day. This will thereby minimise the use of diesel generators avoiding the burning of approximately 21,000 litres of fuel per month. Especially for isolated off-grid regions such as Mabaruma, solar energy represents a cost-effective alternative source of power that at the same time contributes to addressing the rising challenges of climate change.


The sun2live project comprises a ground-mounted solar solution together with batteries.


We have recently completed the installation of 57 sun2roof solar systems for governmental buildings in Guyana. Read the full article.

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  1. Govt. is upgrading the secondary school to include practical training centres (TVET, home economics, etc.). When(ever) the solar project becomes operational, would it be able to support the added demand of the school?

    (civil engineer)

    March 24, 2019

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