Mobile disinfection solution: Why sun2MobiDes?

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The most affordable and the only fully mobile disinfection solution in the market ticking all the boxes

What have we all experienced in the last two months of lockdown? Fear, isolation, pain, suffering, loss, nostalgia, hope…to name just a few; and above all uncertainty due to many unanswered questions.

Covid-19 brings us to previously unthought new challenges and questions concerning the future, since it has touched, just like global warming, almost every country in the world.

  • • When will Covid 19 be overcome?
  • • Will the virus mutate to something even more dangerous?
  • • When will a vaccine be available?
  • • Will a vaccine help?
  • • Will the vaccine be sufficient for the entire world population?
  • • Will the vaccine be distributed evenly/unbiased or just like the masks?
  • • Will we experience other pandemics?
  • • What happens thereafter…


We are overwhelmed with conflicting news, but one thing is certain, this is not a one-shot event. Therefore, the majority of governments across the planet are (if they have not already done so) instituting new legislation guided by the assumption that we will see more pandemics in the future.

Human minds have responded to this challenge with different solutions, some are half thought through, others are more precursory and outstanding inventions.


Such is the sun2MobiDes!

Our fully mobile disinfection airlock is a German / Swiss designed, engineered and manufactured solution to the ever-growing question of disinfection. sun2MobiDes is presently, to our knowledge, the only fully licensed mobile disinfection unit ready for deployment and use. The sun2MobiDes is fully mobile in such a way that it fits hand in glove into a 20-foot container for shipment / transport and is operational within 2 hours after having arrived on site. The feedback we have received so far is remarkable. However, a few of our clients and partners have commented on the high price of the unit compared to other solutions on the market.


“Quality comes at a price”

Indeed, the initial investment for a sun2MobiDes is certainly not on the cheap side. However:

A. The sun2MobiDes is built to last: German / Swiss designed and engineered, completely EU made with its stainless-steel frame, its high and certified quality of the welding, the non-corrosive material, the performance of the high-pressure pump with certified nozzles and piping. All tier one components made to withstand corrosive and challenging environments.

B. The sun2MobiDes is built to save costs: The mid and long-term operation cost will be remarkably low, through cost savings thanks to the most efficient use of the disinfection agent. Each cycle for up to 10 people requires only approx 160ml of the disinfection agent. This allows to recover several times over the initial investment.

C. The sun2MobiDes is built for efficiency: Contrary to currently commercialised plastic tunnels with open entries, or open gates, often referred to as “carwash solutions”; sun2MobiDes provides disinfection in an enclosed space – the airlock –, which prevents the disinfection agent from being dispersed by the wind or affected by temperature, allowing for uncompromised disinfection results through the fine mist that attends evenly the smallest surface.


“How can we make this claim?”

Three criteria are essential:

A. Attainability: Breaking down/disaggregating the disinfection agent into a particle size of 1 to 5 micron ensures maximum coverage of all attainable surfaces. Therefore, the disinfection is processed accurately and is considered efficient.

B. Effectiveness: The unique enclosed design of the sun2MobiDes guarantees a constant degree of density of the disaggregated disinfection agent in the disinfection areas to achieve a 99.9% disinfection efficiency.

C. Duration: The automation and monitoring of each cycle ensures the adequate time for disinfection.



sun2MobiDes matches all the above criteria and more:

✓ sun2MobiDes’s special nozzle system ensures the disaggregation of the disinfection agent to the tiniest particles. Between 70 and 80% of the cost of disinfection is driven by the cost and amount of disinfection agent in use, and only approx. 10% is the cost for the initial investment. Therefore, it is paramount to make the most efficient use of the disinfection agent same as it is being achieved by the sun2mobides.

✓ sun2MobiDes’s disinfection period is only 30 to 60 seconds per cycle. With ten people per cycle the unit can disinfect up to 600 people in an hour… No unit known to us matches this performance even closely…

We hope the need for such devices and applications will only be temporary and short lived. For now, we can only do the best we can to protect and give confidence to people so they can safely work, educate, travel as before. In the event that there will be no need for infection control anymore, the sun2mobides can easily be transformed to suit other needs e.g.: mobile laboratory, mobile work space, mobile office.

Let’s sun2MobiDes and continue our contribution to the world!



sun2MobiDes Brochure
sun2MobiDes Brochure



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