Mobile disinfection container powered with renewable energy offers protection against CoVid 19


The Corona virus crisis challenges companies, hospitals, retirement homes, social institutions and medics around the world. Hygiene and disinfection are vital. That’s why The meeco Group and Peter Kenkel GmbH have joined forces in providing fast, flexible and energy self-sufficient support. The two companies have developed a mobile disinfection container, sun2MobiDes, which not only can be operated autonomously but also mounted quickly and easily at hospitals, nursing homes, other social facilities, office buildings or company premises.

The main features: The container, consisting of two separate disinfection areas as well as a hygiene lock, runs with energy generated from high-performance solar modules mounted on the roof of the container and the sun2safe energy management system. Thanks to the sun2safe and its integrated energy storage, the unique disinfection container can be operated autonomously and uninterruptedly, anywhere, even in areas with no infrastructure or in the event of a total infrastructure failure.


sun2MobiDes – Mobile, flexible and variable solution

The mobile disinfection container, sun2MobiDes, enables the full body disinfection of eight people simultaneously. The system consists of two separate disinfection areas, each for four people, and a hygiene airlock. sun2MobiDes is also variable and comes in five different container options, with for example contactless examination via a glove system for sampling (e.g. saliva), or a walk-through solution for full body disinfection in the form of a disinfection airlock, or the possibility of disinfection of parcels or other goods on a continuous conveyor belt.

The structure of the sun2MobiDes mobile disinfection container

Mobile disinfection container sun2MobiDes – How it works

After entering the container, the sun2MobiDes users reach the hygiene lock and access the disinfection area. At the push of a button or automatically, the spray disinfection is triggered and the disinfection is executed in only 30 to 40 seconds. The system processes almost any kind of water-based disinfectant. It is important to note that only approved agents are used. The container option with the feature of contactless examination uses one of the two disinfection areas for sample taking. A glass partition wall with an integrated glove system, as well as a corresponding sample lock, serve for the contactless transfer.


3D animated sun2MobiDes.


Another special alternative of the sun2MobiDes enables the disinfection of packages and objects. The disinfection room is designed as an airlock as well. A circulating conveyor belt transports parcels and objects through the disinfection sluice and disinfects them within 30 – 60 seconds.


Mobile disinfection container for a contactless examination via a glove system

The operating capacities of the sun2MobiDes are manifold. The mobile disinfection container can disinfect a large number of people in a short time. It is specifically in demand in places where sick, immunocompromised or otherwise endangered persons meet frequently and are confronted to a high risk of infection which requires barrier precautions. sun2MobiDes can be placed wherever people need to be disinfected quickly and easily, provided the right disinfectant is available. Thanks to the integrated energy management system sun2safe, the sun2MobiDes can also be placed in remote regions worldwide or in off grid or unreliable power supply zones.


The mobile disinfection container offers the opportunity for a contactless examination via a glove system for sampling


As mentioned above, the mobile disinfection containers are operated with renewable energy generated by solar panels mounted directly on the roof of the sun2MobiDes, with the possibility to store excess energy. The meeco Group’s energy management and solar energy storage solution, sun2safe, is used for this purpose providing immediate, easy and reliable power supply.

With sun2MobiDes, Peter Kenkel GmbH and the meeco Group combine their expertise in a solution for social health. The disinfection container powered with renewable energy, that can be shipped and used worldwide, was created to support in eradicating the rapid outbreak of the pandemic virus.


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    we are developing these days a protection box for doctors that are treating people with Corona. I know that this is not what you are looking for your business, but if you can help me sourcing the black gloves that I see in the picture of the “Mobile disinfection container” it would be very helpful and life saving. we are not competing your product in any way.

    Best regards

    Comment by Geva Katz — 7. April 2020 @ 13:10
  2. This is an innovative idea.

    Comment by Bamidele Akomolafe — 7. April 2020 @ 19:28
  3. Thank you very much. If you are interested in a renewable energy solution feel free to get in contact with us:
    We wish you a nice day.

    Comment by The meeco Group — 9. April 2020 @ 10:54
  4. Thank you for sharing this!

    Disinfection can be a real help against coronavirus and will help to further protect your family or employees. The main thing is to conduct it correctly, and not to neglect other important details. As ppl say, at the war all methods are good.

    Keep safe, and may God protect you!

    Comment by Joe William — 16. April 2020 @ 14:51
  5. Dear Mr. William,

    thank you very much for your comment. We totally agree with you.
    For disinfecting people and objects, we use a liquid biocidal disinfectant with excellent disinfection behavior.
    Learn more here:

    We wish you all the best for the future. Stay healthy!

    Comment by The meeco Group — 16. April 2020 @ 14:57

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