How meeco changes life in Paraguay

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In spite of many efforts undertaken to expand and improve the water supply in Paraguay, the government still is not in the position to manage the provision of water to the whole country. This matter gets even worse for citizens living in remote areas, as many of them are ranchers whose work depends on their capacity to provide water to their cattle. These ranchers have to drive long distances to ensure the water supply and thus, spend a lot of money in non-renewable energies such as diesel or gasoline. To face this issue, The meeco Group’s top engineers have developed the sun2flow solar water pumping solution that enables people to pump water into off-grid areas from lakes, rivers or natural water reserves and redirect it to the place where the water is required by utilising the renewable power of the sun. sun2flow systems have been successfully implemented in the Paraguayan market and several of them were installed by meeco America Latina S.A. at ranches in rural areas.


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meeco has interviewed two ranchers who currently use turnkey solutions designed and installed by meeco in order to process water and to be able to run their ranches. These interviews share an insight, how sun2flow water pumping solutions changed and improved the daily activities of the ranchers.

These testimonies are a prelude to a series called “How meeco changes life” that will be followed by other testimonies of people using meeco solar systems all around the world.




Kurt Sätzler installing its sun2flow water pumping solution to provide water to his ranch
Kurt Sätzler installing its sun2flow water pumping solution to provide water to his ranch


17 sun2flow solar water pumping systems were installed at a large cattle ranch known as Ganadera Madrejon, in the north of Paraguay by The meeco Group in 2014. Due to its remote location, the ranch does not have access to the national power grid making the use of autonomous energy generation systems a necessity to run the ranch. The sun2flow turnkey solutions of meeco are perfectly designed to meet the needs and the requirements of the ranch by providing solar powered water pumping which – in the long run – can drastically reduce costs and efforts to distribute drinking water and thus, increase profitability of cattle and meat production.

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The water source used for the sun2flow system at Robert Hirsch ranch in Paraguay
The water source used for the sun2flow system at Robert Hirsch ranch in Paraguay


A sun2flow water pumping system was installed at a ranch in Paraguay managed by Robert Hirsch. The Paraguayan rancher remembers how the business before sun2flow was running. Daily maintenance obligations and the huge amount of money spent on diesel to find water has aggravated work and life in these days. Now the sun2flow water pumping solution is enabling the ranch to run smoother and makes work and life of its employees and its principal much easier.

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  1. This is amazing….could be critical for Africa

    Comment by Dr Mabouba — 23. June 2015 @ 10:41
  2. Amazing

    Comment by Dr Mabouba — 23. June 2015 @ 10:41
  3. Dear Dr. Mabouba, thank you for your comment. We already work on the implementation of a sustainable energy supply for Africa. We hope to realize our plans in the near future…

    Comment by The meeco Group — 24. June 2015 @ 15:45
  4. The solar energy could be interesting for telecommunication application in same region in Paraguay.

    Comment by Jose Gimenez — 25. June 2015 @ 18:45
  5. Dear Jose Gimenez,

    thank you for your comment. Definitely! We thought the same… For this use case we offer the sun2com solar telecommunication as a turnkey solution. You can find more information under the following link:

    Best Regards!

    Comment by The meeco Group — 26. June 2015 @ 07:38

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