Sporty gyrocopter turns into deadly peril

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Cracks in the tanks of the „MTOsports“ gyrocopter identified but nobody really cares

„The MTOsport is the logical development of our successful MT03. Today there are more than 800 gyrocopters successfully in operation worldwide. As the first in the UL-class approved gyrocopter in Germany, the MT03 offers a whole new flying experience.“ In these warm words AutoGyro GmbH, based in Hildesheim (Germany) advertises its lightweight gyrocopter. read more

German air show “Airlebnis 2013” gathers 140 teenagers

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Airlebnis NRW 2013 meeco blog

Maiden flight for three teenagers aboard meeco’s hot air balloon

Zug/Oerlinghausen. For the fourth time in a row, the Aeroclub NRW, based in Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) State, has organized a youth camp, this time in Oerlinghausen to give 140 teenagers the chance to discover and practice aerial sports. The event took place from September 21st to 22nd, and The meeco Group, which was represented by its Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and pilot, Thomas Beindorf, was among the event partners. Three youngsters had the opportunity to fly aboard the meeco hot air balloon under the command of meeco’s CTO. read more

The meeco balloon team participates in breaking the records

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meeco at Lorraine International Hot Air Balloon Festival 2013

Lorraine Mondial International hot air balloon festival 2013

The Lorraine Mondial International balloon festival, one of the greatest hot air and gas balloon events, took place in the northeastern French region between July 26th and August 4th. Balloon enthusiasts from all over the world met in Lorraine among which The meeco Group Balloon team led by the Chief Technical Officer, Thomas Beindorf, was also present. The first edition of the festival took place in 1989 and has since then been annually repeated given its great success, lasting 10 days and with an increasing national and international popularity.

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SunCarrier aviation team is growing

Aviation — Dieter Trutschler on July 13, 2009 at 15:02

Innovative products need innovative promotion. According to this principle, meeco AG has extended its aviation team by two gyrocopters.

Gyrocopters, also known as autogiros, are helicopter-like, eco-friendly rotorcrafts which are extremely fuel efficient due to a special drive system, which uses the air stream to make the rotors gyrate so that they need the propellant only for their take-offs and landings. Spanish scientist Juan de la Ciervas basic intention, when he invented the autogiro in 1923, was, to develop a helicopter with a lower air crash risk. The result was one of the lightest and smallest helicopters ever, which can be handled quite easily.  The directors of the James Bond-movies, recognizing the advantages and the progressiveness of this invention, used it in their 1967 movie You Only Live Twice as Sean Connery alias 007s getaway aircraft.

Both the gyrocopters are available to meecos partners and clients and can be rented for business and private events.  For more information please contact meecos aviation team at

meeco AG joins Hogueras festival at Alicante, Spain

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090623ES-MS-MA-EVH-ALC-Hogueras Balloon74 (1 of 1)

On the 23rd and 24th of June, meeco AG took part in the Hogueras festival at Alicante, Spain. This was the first event where the hot air balloon of meeco AG was presented. Under the command of one of the best balloon drivers worldwide, Mr. Wilhelm Eimers, and assisted by Mr. Thomas Beindorf, meeco AG invited the President of the Port, Mr. Campoy, and a number of local dignitaries to enjoy a short ride on the balloon. read more