350 kWp sun2live solar solution installed at Seasons Foods

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The meeco Group to complete an extension of 150 kWp in Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan. The meeco Group with its Pakistani joint venture, oursun Solar Power Ltd., has completed a 350 kWp sun2live rooftop installation at the Seasons Foods (Pvt) Ltd. site close to the city of Lahore in Pakistan. By the end of 2015, oursun Solar Power Ltd. will be extending the solar electricity supply of the meat processing company, with a new installation of additional 150 kWp in a second phase. read more

The meeco Group completes 20 kWp solar project in India

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sun2live rooftop solution installed on the office of SPML infra Ltd.

Gurgaon, India. The meeco Group, jointly with its Indian subsidiary, meeco India (Pvt) Ltd. has successfully completed a 20 kWp sun2live project in the millennium city of Gurgaon, India. The rooftop installation, that was commissioned last mid-January, consisted in the implementation of photovoltaic modules on the office rooftop of the engineering company, SPML Infra Limited, in the sector 32 of Gurgaon. read more

Solar power to enter the Zimbabwean market

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The meeco Group first provider of clean energy to install MWp sized PV plants in Zimbabwe

For years now, Zimbabwe has been enduring daily power outages that make life of its inhabitants harder. These power cuts are due to the production of power in Zimbabwe being lower than required by the national demand. Figures show that whereas Zimbabwe would need a daily power generation of 1,730 MWp to be fully operational, the country only produces 1,200 MWp per day, leading inevitably to shortages and long lasting-blackouts. read more

Solar Project completed at the LUMS University in Pakistan

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LUMS and The meeco Group cooperate to complete 300 kWp roof project

Lahore, Pakistan. The solar energy sector in Pakistan is about to take off. Having been on the forefront of this development, the first milestone of a long time envisioned and thoroughly developed solar project has been completed, connected and commissioned thereby providing the Pakistani market with additional clean energy. read more

The meeco Group debuts its sun2live™ rooftop solution in India

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Installation of photovoltaic solar panels on a commercial building

The Indian subsidiary of The meeco Group, meeco India Pvt. Ltd. has announced the beginning of a new project that will be commissioned by mid-January. meeco India has launched, in the millennium city of Gurgaon, its first rooftop photovoltaic project that consists in the installation of photovoltaic modules on commercial building rooftop. This grid-connected project will enable the building to generate the electric power needed for its operation during the daytime. read more

New alliance to support development of clean energy in Zimbabwe

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The meeco Group and William Bain Holdings to stimulate local market sun2flow solar-based water pumping systems

With approximately 300 days of sun per year, wind and several sources of hydropower, Zimbabwe is a country with significant quantities of clean energy resources. Nevertheless Zimbabwe still faces a substantial power deficit – a serious problem that adversely affects all facets of its economy. A new partnership between oursun Energy (Private) Ltd., part of the Swiss-based clean energy provider The meeco Group, and William Bain Holdings, Zimbabwe’s leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment, will push the development in this area. read more

The meeco Group begins development of a 10MW ground mounted installation in Zimbabwe

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Engages local industrial leaders Powerspeed Electrical & William Bain Holdings. Partners with Mosspatch Investments Zimbabwe

The meeco Group, a worldwide clean energy provider, is currently expanding its turnkey services and solutions to the Zimbabwean solar market. Involved in the country since early 2013, several important partnerships have been created and various solar projects are currently under development.

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The meeco Group is expanding around the globe

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The year of 2014 encountered further implementations of solar projects

The Swiss-based meeco Group, has this year enormously expanded its number of projects in solar generation and energy storage by benefiting from a growing network of local subsidiaries, strategic partners and experts based all around the world. The year of 2014 has been marked by successful projects, market expansions and new fruitful cooperation’s leading to a consequent development of the clean energy activities of The meeco Group.

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The meeco Group looks back on a very successful 2014 in Pakistan

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Several major solar projects for key industrial players in Lahore and Karachi

As already in previous years, The meeco Group in 2014 once again expanded its activities in Pakistan. Through the launch of the joint venture oursun Solar Power Limited, which was established in 2013, meeco was able to finalise several new photovoltaic projects in 2014. At the end of the year additional 7 MWp will be installed or in the final phases of installation in this country, mainly in the framework of Power Purchase Agreements. Several key industrial players in Pakistan are now benefiting from the advantages of clean energy provided through high quality photovoltaic installations of oursun Solar Power Limited on their roofs and premises. read more

Powerspeed Electrical Limited: New partner of The meeco Group

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Cooperation to launch sun2safe and sun2go xl in Zimbabwe

Harare, Zimbabwe. On the 21th of October, The meeco Group via its subsidiary, oursun Energy Private Ltd, has further deepened its integration into the Zimbabwean renewable energy market via a new partnership with Zimbabwe Stock Exchange listed Powerspeed Electrical Limited, the largest and leading electrical & hardware supplies distributor in the country.

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