meeco promotes energy revolution in Africa

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Clean energy projects promote Sustainable Development Goals

A reliable or seemingly stable and reliable energy supply seems self-evident for four-fifths of the world’s population. However, there are still numerous countries, where unlimited access to energy remains a luxury for wealthy people. In volume terms, more than 1.4 billion people worldwide live without any electricity supply, states the International Energy Agency.

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Safari lodge in Kenya to benefit from clean solar energy and storage

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meeco brings sun2rope and sun2safe solar energy systems to Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp

The establishment of a reliable electricity supply represents an enormous challenge for off-grid tourist destinations in Africa such as remote Safari lodges. Located in the Olderkesi Wildlife Conservancy in Masai Mara, Kenya, the Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp is currently nearly exclusively powered by energy produced from diesel gensets due to a missing connection to the electrical grid. In order to reduce the dependence on these cost-extensive and polluting energy sources, meeco will install a 50 kWp sun2rope mounted solar energy solution in combination with a sun2safe energy management system at the isolated and exclusive Safari lodge. read more

meeco deploys solar powered electric bikes for Safari camps in Kenya

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solar powered electric bike during safari

New clean energy solution sun2move developed to foster green mobility

We are currently developing intelligent trybrid solar mini-grids for several Safari Camps in Kenya. As African remote hotels and lodges often depend on cost-extensive diesel generators, solar installations in combination with energy storage systems represent an economically viable and eco-friendly solution to establish a reliable and sustainable power supply. For Cottar’s Camp in Kenya, we have now deployed an additional clean energy solution: the recently launched sun2move.

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Green energy powers e-mobility: meeco launches sun2move

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Safari tour with sun2move in Kenya.

Solar powered electric bikes deployed for Safari tours in Kenya

The sun represents an abundant source of energy. Thanks to dropping prices and the improving efficiency of the installations, solar power guarantees a reliable and cost-effective way of producing electricity – and can even contribute to changing mobility sustainably. Through our new clean energy solution sun2move, which combines the advantages of solar energy and electric mobility, we aim to strengthen eco-friendly and healthy mobility. read more

Key trend in Africa: Safari lodges changeover to clean solar energy and storage

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The energy supply of remote African hotel and safari facilities has always been a challenge mostly met by the extensive and exclusive deployment of diesel generators. But more and more hotel operators are looking for greener and more profitable alternatives. The Swiss-headquartered clean energy provider The meeco Group, which is specialised in the African energy market for more than 10 years, has identified this branch-specific power demand at an early stage and developed smartly connected hybrid and trybrid solar energy generation and storage solutions for remote hotels and safari lodges according to their locally varying requirements. read more

meeco increases capacity and installs again the largest solar plant in Zimbabwe

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We expand our renewable energy endeavours in Zimbabwe. After equipping the facility of a Zimbabwean company with the so far largest solar energy plant in the country, we will now implement a further extension at the same clean energy installation and are about to execute a third PV facility with a capacity of 330 kWp. read more

How solar energy powers economic growth

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A stable energy sector is one of the most essential requirements for successful economic development and growth. Whilst in almost all countries in Europe or North America, the energy infrastructure is well developed, many other regions of the world have to deal with severe challenges in this area. In Africa, two-thirds of the continent’s population lack access to electricity. The reason for this energy crisis consists in particular in the rising electric power consumption per capita and the increasing gap between the growth of population, which was by 2.9% annually over the last 25 years, and the grid extension rate of only 2.7% over the same period. read more

meeco installed biggest solar energy plant in Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwean company benefits from our 216 kWp sun2live energy generating system as an off-grid solution

Many companies in Africa are struggling with electricity scarcity, power cuts and the reliance on diesel generators. The current installation of the so far largest solar energy plant in Zimbabwe with a total capacity of 216 kWp marks a major turning point in the history of energy supply in Zimbabwe and its companies, which are still strongly dependent on fossil fuels. Recently, we equipped the facility of a Zimbabwean company with its eco-friendly solar power solution sun2live. read more

New clean energy joint venture to tackle the Zimbabwean PV market

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meeco and Powerspeed Electrical spur the development of solar technology in Africa

Located in Southern Africa, Zimbabwe is one of the sunniest and best irradiated areas in the world. The weather conditions are perfectly suitable for solar energy solutions, which are getting more and more interesting for the government and private investors. In the past the national grid was not always reliable and many companies and households have to deal with load shedding and power cuts. read more

How meeco manages the development of solar projects worldwide

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Interview with the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Sebastian Bovensiepen

Sebastian Bovensiepen is working in the renewable energy sector since 1999. He started his career in the wind energy sector, as head of the legal department and member of the Management Board of a wind project development and financing company. During this time, the company managed to complete wind projects in a total capacity of 180 MW in Germany and afterwards developed with partners in Canada more than 500 MW of wind projects.

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