meeco’s 4,5 MWp Prunu project completed – Final positive outcome will be reached within next few days

Clean Energy,Continents,Europe,Projects — Eric Borremans on August 30, 2011 at 17:51

Thanks to the professionalism and dedication of all actors, meeco AG is very proud to announce the successful ending of construction work of the Prunu PV plant project on Friday, 26th, August 2011. Whilst meeco AG has been responsible for the entire project management, the 4500 kWp project has been realized in close and fruitful cooperation with the following partners:

–       So/Lar Corse (Project Development)

–       ABB (Project engineering and Logistics)

–       Ralos (EPC and Project construction)

Subsequently, the project, located in Prunu, Corsica (France) obtained the release of a positive report from Socotec SA, which acts as the “Bureau de Contrôle” on the same day. „Next step to reach a final positive outcome will be to present the documentation to the Consuel which will be achieved in the next few days“, concludes Eric Borremans, heading the project for meeco AG.

Rooftop installations on the rise for The meeco Group

Clean Energy,Continents,Europe,Projects — The meeco Group on August 17, 2011 at 14:07

Since the recent Feed-in Tariff chances across the European solar photovoltaic markets, betting only on ground-mounted installations has become a very improbable strategic option. Indeed, this segment of the market has known better days and that is why most players in the market have felt the obligation to redefine their strategy for the years to come in Europe. After Spain’s retroactive Royal Decree 14/2010 approved in late January 2011, it was France’s turn to come up with a revision of the “Grenelle de l’Environnement” solar incentives in early March after a three-month freeze on ground-mounted installations. Finally, last June, the Conto Energia IV came out in Italy setting the basis for the end of the year and until 2016. The picture is very much the same with some variations in how governments decided to implement their Feed-in Tariff – ground-mounted installations are bound to progressively be redirected to land reclaim areas / away from farmland and rooftop systems seem to enjoy a rather good perception for “safe” medium to long-term development.

This situation is obviously not foreign to The meeco Group, who being actively in the middle of each of these markets has been following the policies up close for the last ten years. After last month’s successful grid connection of a first 63kW rooftop installation in Aspropyrgos, Greece, The meeco Group continues to increasingly value this option in European markets. “Our commitment to renewable energies and particularly solar PV has never been stronger” comments Dieter Trutschler, Director of Marketing & Sales. “Rooftop systems are very viable financially, and contrary to ground-mounted, in this scenario we are considerably closer to the grid connection point, making it all a shorter project development process” explains Trutschler.

The first rooftop installation in Greece is the mere continuation in a history of over 200 MW of solar PV installed across Europe in the last five and half years. The meeco Group is now actively engaged in rooftop developments in Greece but also in Germany, Italy, France and Spain – new renewable energy installations are being brought to life as we speak in these markets.

meeco sponsored MUENCH Racing Team wins TTXGP race in Assen (NL)

Sponsorships — The meeco Group on August 12, 2011 at 13:00

The third European all-electric motorbike Grand Prix took place last weekend in Assen, Netherlands. The meeco sponsored MUENCH Racing Team, and its driver Matthias Himmelmann were once again on the starting line with one of the greenest racing bikes on the planet, the MUENCH TTE-2. Happening alongside the Dutch eMobility motorbike championship, this exciting TTXGP race had one of the largest audiences to date and 70.000 spectators got to watch Himmelmann win another race.

Two curves after the start Himmelmann was already fourth and on the back straight he took over the Chinese competitor, making it third. Himmelmann was once again capable to compensate the TTE-2’s starting position with his outstanding driving skills and his thrilling hunt. The already classical and nonetheless fascinating duel with Alessandro Brannetti (CRP Racing) from Italy – a very experienced 250 MotoGP driver, followed. Himmelmann came out on top and ended up extending his lead. During the awards ceremony we once again got to listen to the German national anthem. “Himmelmann who will be called hotshot from now on, wore down everyone during a real battle,” said Thomas Petsch, MUENCH Racing Team Manager.

“The best event I have been in so far! They provided something for everybody- not just eMobility but also GT races and lots of other suspenseful motorsport competitions. Well, and it was definitely one of my best,“ said Himmelmann after his great success.

The meeco Group has never been as proud as a sponsor to an event as with the MUENCH Racing Team. This team has shown tenacity and endurance in developing this all-electric motorbike that meets championship standards while being environmentally friendly. Congratulations to the MUENCH Racing Team and to Matthias Himmelmann for making it happen!

Please find below some pictures of Matthias and the MUENCH Racing Team at the event.

The meeco Group at Paraguay’s EXPO 2011

Tradeshows & Events — Dr. Oliver Jann on August 4, 2011 at 08:22

The largest exhibition in Paraguay, the Expoferia Internacional, took place in Mariano Roque Alonso (Paraguay) from July 9 to 24 and The meeco Group was among the few to integrate the “Visible Companies” exhibition hall.

This yearly exhibition which covers the latest trends in cattle breeding, industrial and distribution sectors as well as regional, national and local services, is unquestionably the business event of the year with visitors from Paraguay and all of South America. The 30th edition reached unprecedented heights with close to 700,000 visitors over the two-week period – the meeco booth positively felt this as it benefited from a front row position at the very entrance of the featured companies hall.

At the EXPO 2011, The meeco Group showcased the latest solar and energy storage technologies such as the already known sun2go portable power solutions, the sunGrid off-grid energy solutions and the all-in-one CellCube (Vanadium Redox based) energy storage solution for grid-buffering or remote power supply. “This year we definitely saw an increase in renewable energy believers among the visitors” indicates Dr. Oliver Jann, Director of meeco América Latina. “We feel that although solar and other renewable energy sources are gaining ground at the national level, some people still do not fully embrace the need to think on long-term basis” adds Dr. Jann. “I have to admit there is a particularly great amount of interest for solar water pumping systems among renewable energy believers” concludes Dr. Jann.

The meeco Group’s presence in Paraguay and Latin America is not just a strategy but a clear reality with a strong local team. The first projects are being finalized such as the soon to be inaugurated Riacho-i pilot project in Paraguay.

Find below some pictures of the event.

The meeco Group connects rooftop installation in Greece

Clean Energy,Continents,Europe,Projects — George Kitoudis on August 1, 2011 at 11:23

Last month – July 26th, SunCarrier Services Hellas S.A., a subsidiary of The meeco Group, connected its first rooftop installation in the municipality of Aspropyrgos, Attica (Greece). Situated in the suburbs of Athens, just 20 km Northwest of the capitals’ city center, the location offers one of the best solar irradiation conditions in southern Europe.

This 63kW solar photovoltaic installation is now operational and connected to the grid and uses Suntech STP 285Wp polycrystalline modules in association with SMA Tripower 15000TL inverters. Despite its East-West roof orientation, the installation is expected to generate at least 75,000 kWh per year, which amounts to yearly savings of approximately 48 tons in CO2 emissions. This rooftop integrated solar installation which is connected to the national electricity grid, benefits from a Feed-in Tariff of € 44.1 cents per kWh. This tariff is part of a 20-year policy that not only creates jobs in the installation phase but also during the entire lifetime of the system.

As the EPC contractor of the project, SunCarrier Services Hellas S.A. decided to work with reliable local partners such as Entec for the installation, Alumil for the supply of the mounting systems, Biosar Energy which supplied the rest of the necessary equipment and Thricon Energy in charge of completing the final stage of the license development. “We are extremely glad to have delivered this 63 kW installation on time in such troubled economic times for the country” reflects George Kitoudis, Technical & Operations Manager for The meeco Group in Greece. “Our client, Peppas Isidoros, is very happy to have worked with locals and for locals, contributing to a brighter and cleaner Greek and European future” adds Kitoudis.

Besides Aspropyrgos and the already existing SunCarrier tracking systems installed in partnership with the German company a+f GmbH (a member of the Gildemeister Group) across Greece, The meeco Group is expecting to connect another ground-mounted project around mid-August, this time in the municipality of Fres, Chania, Crete.

Below are some pictures from the recently connected rooftop installation.