New interface for international clean energy solutions

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Our new web presence provides valuable content

Our new website has just been launched. By creating an intuitive and clear user interface with valuable and comprehensibly prepared content and structures, we provide an up-to-date information platform touching nearly every aspect of energy with a special focus on renewables and solar. read more

New solar energy plant to be installed on Barbuda

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150 kWp phase one sun2live ground-mounted solar power solution to save 160,860 kilograms of CO2 emissions annually

The government of Antigua and Barbuda (GOAB) further strives toward the realisation of generating 20 per cent of its electricity from renewable energy resources by the year 2020. The installation of a 150 kWp clean power project on the Caribbean twin islands state to be implemented shortly by the clean energy provider PV Energy Limited marks the first step in Barbuda towards the final goal of 1MWp.

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Installation of solar solutions on Jumby Bay island completed

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The energy generation and storage solutions sun2live on the island Jumby Bay next to Antigua.

PV Energy provides Antiguan island with clean energy

The twin-island state Antigua and Barbuda has taken a leading role in terms of clean energy supply in the Caribbean. This leadership has now once again been strengthened through the completion of eleven sun2live and sun2roof solar installations on the small private island Jumby Bay in the north of Antigua by our Uk-based renewable energy joint venture PV Energy Limited. read more

meeco installed biggest solar energy plant in Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwean company benefits from our 216 kWp sun2live energy generating system as an off-grid solution

Many companies in Africa are struggling with electricity scarcity, power cuts and the reliance on diesel generators. The current installation of the so far largest solar energy plant in Zimbabwe with a total capacity of 216 kWp marks a major turning point in the history of energy supply in Zimbabwe and its companies, which are still strongly dependent on fossil fuels. Recently, we equipped the facility of a Zimbabwean company with its eco-friendly solar power solution sun2live. read more

New energy monitoring tool sun2see developed by meeco

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clean energy monitoring, performance guarantee

24-hours service platform ensures smooth operation of energy installations

The meeco Group is a trailblazer in the innovation of intelligent and customised energy solutions. Now, the Indian subsidiary meeco India (Pvt) Ltd. has developed a completely new platform for online monitoring, troubleshooting and controlling. This new tool enqueues into meeco’s range of sun2products and is called sun2see.

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meeco balloon team has floated above the wintry Alps

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Journey draws public attention to solar energy

A beautiful view over the snow-covered mountains of the Alps represented the reward for our meeco balloon team, which has been exposed to temperatures of 20 degrees below zero. From January 14th until 21st the team participated in the “Ballonfestival Tannheimer Tal” in Austria near the country boarder to Switzerland. Braving the cold temperatures the team flew with its SunCarrier-branded hot-air balloon at an altitude of 3,200 metres above sea level. read more

How meeco innovates and develops new products

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Interview with the Director of meeco India (Pvt) Ltd., Tarun Munjal

Thanks to its entrepreneurial spirit Tarun Munjal, Managing Director of meeco India (Pvt) Ltd., is a decisive part of the innovation department for new clean energy generation, storage and monitoring products. He was responsible for the development of one of the best-selling energy solutions of The meeco Group: the intelligent energy management system sun2safe. read more

meeco Invest AG just became sole shareholder of oursun Japan Holding AG

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meeco acquires remaining 66% of the shares from former business partners

The meeco Group, after its holding company meeco Invest AG has purchased the remaining 66 per cent of the shares of the Swiss-based company oursun Japan Holding AG, is now the sole shareholder of this company. The Swiss-based clean energy provider has purchased the shares from two business partners from Italy and Japan. The company can now be fully integrated in the international corporate structure of The meeco Group in order to support worldwide renewable energy projects. read more

Key island property equipped with smartly interconnected solar solutions

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PV Energy supports Antiguan island to shift to clean energy

Antigua and Barbuda. Another property in the Caribbean twin-island state is now powered by the sun. The clean power provider PV Energy has installed a 51 kWp ground-mounted sun2live solar system in conjunction with a sun2water reverse osmosis on a small neighbouring island situated in the North of Antigua. read more

Small island states shift to clean energy

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Renewable energies to ensure reliable power supply on islands

One fifth of the countries worldwide are small island developing states. In terms of the effects of climate change, these regions belong to the most vulnerable worldwide. Sea level rise and increasing extreme weather events such as tropical storms represent real dangers for the existence of small islands. Therefore a transition to renewable energies, away from expensive and polluting fossil fuels, is urgently needed. Thanks to the abundant availability of unlimited clean energy sources such as wind or sun this shift is possible, realistic and commercially viable. read more