Environmental services meets Renewable energy

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The REWA Group: the next step towards a sustainable world through clean energy from The meeco Group

Even though The meeco Group branched out during this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic to develop the mobile disinfection airlock sun2MobiDes as well as other MobiDes disinfection products , we are still focusing and are very much active in our core business of providing clean and renewable energy. As another successful project sees its conclusion, we could not be prouder of our achievement together with the REWA Group.

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sun2MobiDes – Now for rent!

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Disinfection Airlock – Mobile meets Rental – A perfect match!

Following the COVID-19 global pandemic the need for disinfection has become part of our “new normal”. Our daily experiences show that the virus is not going away as fast, or as reliably as we would wish, and that within our global village, we are not safe from other infectious diseases spreading in the future either.

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sun2MobiDes shines in a new design

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Mobile disinfection airlock now in glass side version

Efficiency, simplicity of use and immediate availability in the market was the focus of the first sun2MobiDes models. Recently, our architects and engineers have applied visual design improvements as an optional upgrade to the existing models. The units can now be delivered with the frontal and major parts of the side walls made of an elegant three layered tempered glass. This gives to the sun2Mobides a stunning, translucent and transparent look, making it even more user friendly. The sun2MobiDes remains the most efficient and easy to maintain and operate mobile disinfection airlock. The new adjustments have  enhanced its appearance, and the wall transparency will give confidence to the users who have possible fears of a full body disinfection process.

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sun2MobiDes – Operating expenses

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The devil is in the detail

Over the last 4 weeks since the sun2MobiDes has been launched, several solutions from presumed competitors have been signalled to us. These systems are being promoted across the globe to address the issue of disinfection of people and objects prior to entering or after exiting facilities, events or congregations. These solutions come from as far as Afghanistan up to Zimbabwe and even the Caribbean.

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Mobile disinfection solution: Why sun2MobiDes?

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The most affordable and the only fully mobile disinfection solution in the market ticking all the boxes

What have we all experienced in the last two months of lockdown? Fear, isolation, pain, suffering, loss, nostalgia, hope…to name just a few; and above all uncertainty due to many unanswered questions.

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sun2MobiDes – New facts and information – Key differences to other solutions

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The sun2MobiDes mobile disinfection container can be delivered and placed at short notice and almost anywhere. The sun2safe solar generation and energy storage system, secures an uninterrupted power supply for continuous operation and thereby service. The sun2MobiDes is equipped with a fogging nozzle system for large-area distribution of the disinfectant. read more

sun2MobiDes – Latest technical updates – More models to come

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sun2MobiDes is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Currently, 5 alternatives are available. The disinfection solutions are adjusted to correspond different conditions and environments. A customised solution is also possible depending on the requirements of the customers.
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Mobile Desinfektionscontainer bieten Schutz vor CoVid19 mit Sonnenstrom


Die Corona-Krise stellt Unternehmen, Ambulanzen, Krankenhäuser, Seniorenheime, soziale Einrichtungen und Ärzte in aller Welt vor große Herausforderungen. Insbesondere Hygiene und Desinfektion sind dabei lebenswichtig. Für eine schnelle, flexible und vor allem energieautarke Hilfe dabei sorgen nun die Peter Kenkel GmbH gemeinsam mit der meeco AG. Die beiden Unternehmen entwickelten den mobilen Desinfektionscontainer sun2MobiDes, der schnell und unkompliziert vor Krankenhäusern, Pflegeheimen, sonstigen sozialen Einrichtungen, Bürogebäuden oder auf Firmengeländen aufgebaut und autark betrieben werden kann. read more

Mobile disinfection container powered with renewable energy offers protection against CoVid 19


The Corona virus crisis challenges companies, hospitals, retirement homes, social institutions and medics around the world. Hygiene and disinfection are vital. That’s why The meeco Group and Peter Kenkel GmbH have joined forces in providing fast, flexible and energy self-sufficient support. The two companies have developed a mobile disinfection container, sun2MobiDes, which not only can be operated autonomously but also mounted quickly and easily at hospitals, nursing homes, other social facilities, office buildings or company premises. read more

Why go solar?

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Why go solar?


In the recent years, climate change awarness has become a constant amongst the majority of the global population. The media, and particularly the online based, persistently turn news around saving the planet, environmental pollution, plastic usage reduction, alternative energy sources and carbon footprint reduction. read more