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shifting to clean energy for a sustainable future
shifting to clean energy for a sustainable future
shifting to clean energy for a sustainable future



The mission of our renewable energy company is to reduce carbon emissions and spur economic growth by creating reliable and affordable clean energy solutions. We further aim to ensure an attractive return on investment for our clients and strategic partners.

Sustainability and environmental protection are our priorities. Creating efficient and sustainable renewable energy projects including intelligent energy storage, especially in areas with unstable grids or remote territories, inspires us constantly on our path towards a clean energy future. Our aim is to enable everyone to benefit from cost effective and environmental friendly renewable power production as an alternative to fossil fuel energy. Our employees and partners are achievers in environmental, economical and social standards.

We assume responsibility today – for a clean and sustainable future!

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Renewable energy is booming: The energy market revolution has just begun

Worldwide, there are several factors which are responsible for this expected development. On the one hand, there is Greta Thunberg and her #FridaysForFuture movement which made people around the globe rethink their original convictions. On the other hand, there is a substantial development in the sector of energy prices which allows companies and private households to receive clean energy instead of energy from fossil fuels in a much more competitive manner.

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Reduced energy costs dispense with fossil fuels in Africa

Crude oil, natural gas and coal are the fossil fuels, which play vital roles in the African energy system and economies. The energy budget of the continent consists of over 80% fossil fuel usage. Between 2014 and 2016 only 18% of public finance went to renewable energies, over 60% to fossil fuels. While several years ago, there were a few plausible reasons for using fossil fuels in affluent African countries, arguments like the low costs have become void in the meantime.

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New utility-scale PV plant planned for British Virgin Islands

Experienced in pioneering and realizing clean energy projects in the Caribbean meeco has successfully entered the final round in a PV energy tender for Tortola, located in the heart of the British Virgin Islands. A renowned investment group jointly with the Government has planned a utility-scale PV project in the Cox Heath area in the west of Tortola in order to shave-off energy costs and to initiate the energy transition as a part of its National Energy Transition Strategy.

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meeco presents new innovative and flexible renewable energy mounting system


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Heavy solar investments in Saudi Arabia & the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Recently, several newspapers and online magazines reported about ambitious targets both countries intend to follow up in the near future. The Renewable Energy Project Development Office in Saudi Arabia expects to allocate 2.2 GW of solar capacity this year. By 2030, the National Renewable Energy Program plans to install an overall of 58.7 GW of renewable energy in the country. These targets are part of the National Transformation 2020 Programme and the KSA Vision 2030. A first step will be the installation of a giant 2.6 GW clean energy project in the Makkah Region.

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Business delegation visited meeco offices in Germany

This month, a business delegation from South America has visited the offices of The meeco Group in Dresden, Germany. As part of a business trip in Saxony, the representatives of South American companies from the fields of environmental technology, energy and efficiency technology stopped in Dresden in order to get to know the work of the Swiss-headquartered renewable energy provider. The meeting of the entrepreneurs from Chile, Columbia and Peru and the board of The meeco Group took place at the premises of meeco Communication Services. This German meeco subsidiary is responsible for the communication and marketing activities of the Group worldwide and moreover supports national and international companies in entering new markets and enhancing their brand image.

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meeco ensures consistent energy supply for Primary Care Program in Pakistan

In today´s fast moving times, a life without a stable and sustainable energy connection is un-imaginable. In nearly every point of life, a continuous energy supply is required. However, this does not come naturally in every part of the world. What happens, when people in remote are-as need medical help and have no possibility to reach a centralized medical institution? Being aware of this problem affecting millions of people, Dr. Abdul Bari Khan, CEO of the Indus Health Network, initiated the Primary Care Program, a mobile clinic container solution in Paki-stan. The Swiss-headquartered renewable energy generation and storage provider The meeco Group supports this program with its intelligent energy management systems sun2safe.

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Energy Systems and meeco complete 4 solar rooftop projects in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian renewable energy company Energy Systems and The meeco Group part-nered in 2018 in order to support the country’s clean energy approach and equip private as well as commercial customers with sustainable energy solutions. Taking into account the excel-lent preconditions for renewable energy systems in the country, the declining prices for PV technologies and the growing interest of Saudi Arabia’s government to shift from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources, the exploitation of solar energy represents a promising oppor-tunity for private as well as commercial consumers. Within the scope of the founded joint venture company oursun Saudi Arabia, the first four sun2roof solar projects with a total capac-ity of 146.6 kWp have now been completed and ensure an annual clean energy generation of about 250 MWh.

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School strike “FridaysForFuture” wants to prevent further global warming

A young Swedish girl, born in 2003, attracted worldwide attention, when she protested with the message “School strike for climate” in front of the Swedish parliament. Since then, her name – Greta Thunberg – runs in the media coverage up and down. Thanks to her activity, a movement has risen and many students, adults and like-minded people spread all over the world are following her protests for a clean sustainable future. She stopped visiting her local school on Fridays and protested instead in front of the parliament. Greta criticizes, that politicians for not taking global warming seriously and demands, that CO2 emissions be reduced instantly and aggressively.

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Groupe Filatex and meeco implementing sun2park solar solutions in Madagascar

meeco’s two sun2park solar solutions will be installed in the city of Antananarivo, at buildings belonging to or developed by the Groupe Filatex.

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