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shifting to clean energy for a sustainable future
shifting to clean energy for a sustainable future
shifting to clean energy for a sustainable future



The mission of our renewable energy company is to reduce carbon emissions and spur economic growth by creating reliable and affordable clean energy solutions. We further aim to ensure an attractive return on investment for our clients and strategic partners.

Sustainability and environmental protection are our priorities. Creating efficient and sustainable renewable energy projects including intelligent energy storage, especially in areas with unstable grids or remote territories, inspires us constantly on our path towards a clean energy future. Our aim is to enable everyone to benefit from cost effective and environmental friendly renewable power production as an alternative to fossil fuel energy. Our employees and partners are achievers in environmental, economical and social standards.

We assume responsibility today – for a clean and sustainable future!

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meeco participated in Global Sustainable Tourism Conference in Botswana

From 7th to 10th of December 2018, the Global Sustainable Tourism Conference 2018 took place in Maun, Botswana. The event brought together 150 delegates from 26 countries involved in the development and promotion of sustainable tourism. Among representatives of the public sector, the tourism industry, NGOs and development agencies, meeco with its CEO Mr. Sebastian Bovensiepen and SADC manager Botswana Mr. Robert Hanna attended the conference. The main topic addressed during the annual conference was the acceleration of sustainable tourism to meet the industries green house gases reduction targets.

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meeco to implement 7 MWp industrial clean energy solution in Fiji

meeco, herein represented by its local joint venture oursun Pacific Limited, will design, engineer and install a 7 MWp sun2live solar system to minimise the polluting emissions of CO2 caused by the commercial utilisation of fossil fuels. The

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The meeco Group welcomes new Commercial Director

Mr. Hartmut Boden looks back at numerous professional stages in the commercial sector. As graduate in business management he held the position of Commercial Director and CFO in different international companies. During the last three years, he was the Managing Director of a manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries used for mobile and fixed appliances such as cars and other vehicles or storage systems for PV solutions and homes. Based on these vast experiences, Mr. Boden has taken over the function as Commercial Director now and is thereby responsible for the management of all financial related issues of the whole group. Moreover, he has been appointed Managing Director of the meeco subsidiaries meeco Services Deutschland GmbH and meeco Industrial Services GmbH.

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New milestone: meeco simultaneously energised two large-scale solar installations on two continents

Two entirely different areas, one solar provider: Bethesda on the Caribbean island Antigua and a textile company in Leutkirch located in the South of Germany as of now benefit from clean solar power. Shortly before the end of 2018, the Swiss-based clean energy provider The meeco Group successfully managed the same-day commissioning of a ground-mounted 4 MWp sun2live solar utility and a roof-mounted sun2roof solar power plant with a total size of 440 kWp. While the Caribbean commissioning team worked at moist conditions with up to 30 degrees and 70 per cent humidity, the German commissioning staff had to deal with heavy snow and icy flat roofs.

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Competitive solar energy through power purchase agreements (PPA)

Companies and private consumers in many regions worldwide have to cope with an unstable or highly expensive energy supply due to the unreliability of the grid or even the total absence of such a power supply. This involves, especially for companies and industries, a heavy disadvantage in terms of competitiveness on the global market. Paused production lines in manufacturing industries, interrupted cold chains in food factories or electrical breakdowns in office buildings are just a few examples how power cuts can cause substantial losses for the commercial sector and constitute a serious threat to their commercial success accordingly. Many companies rely on a diesel-based energy supply and suffer from high and unpredictable fuel and maintenance costs. Utilising solar (photovoltaic) technology is much more eco-friendly and cost-effective. The contractual framework of a power purchase agreement (PPA) offers all advantages of clean energy to long term predictable low prices with limited or no upfront capital expenditure (CAPEX) costs for the company.

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meeco participated in IRENA Innovation Week

Within the so-called Global Innovation Showcase, our

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meeco to enter the clean energy market of Madagascar

The low electrification rate in the rural area, where only 4% of the population has access to electrical energy, is one of the main burdens impeding the economic development and the establishment of a sustainable education and healthcare system in such remote areas. Aiming to substantially improve this situation and ensure energy access for 70% of the country’s population until 2030, the government has set the target to

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meeco further strengthens its management team


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meeco promotes energy revolution in Africa

To stop these deplorable conditions in some parts of the world, 193 Member States of the United Nations approved the Paris Agreement in 2015. Within this agreement, 17 so-called “Sustainable Development Goals” have been set aiming to end poverty, ensure prosperity for all humans and combat climate change. Gathered under the name Agenda 2030, one of the main targets is to enhance the worldwide deployment of affordable, renewable and sustainable energy. Especially the south of Africa misses a well-developed energy infrastructure. Still, 37 African states with 620 million people lack access to reliable electricity supply. The growing economy and the associated increasing power demand cannot be satisfied with the current energy production. To meet this challenge, off-grid or weak-grid solar energy solutions provide a great chance to reliably supply those countries and their population with eco-friendly, clean power. The transformation to a green economy is an important step in this process.

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meeco to install sun2roof solar systems on German traditional specialised yarn factory

Saving electricity costs, gaining energy independence and contributing to an eco-friendly power supply in production processes is an aim more and more German companies pursue. The German 200 year old specialised yarn factory Gruschwitz Textilwerke AG has now decided to make further progress in pursuing this target together with meeco. meeco will install two roof-mounted sun2roof solar energy systems on the company’s production facilities and will connect these with meecos real-time energy monitoring system sun2see.

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