sun2go - solar portable energy solution

sun2go portable energy solution is a photovoltaic (PV)-based portable power supply comprised of a collapsible PV module and a wheeled trolley containing a battery, inverter, and charge controller.

During daylight hours, the battery can be charged by a variety of energy sources, such as PV modules, diesel generators, or even the local electricity grid. The inverter and charge controller then deliver either AC or DC power to your electrical devices. At night, the energy stored in the battery can power appropriate electrical devices.

With its easy-to-transport, shock-resistant design, and a combined weight under 30 kg. (66 lbs.), sun2go portable energy solution is the ideal solution for remote, hard to access locations such as islands, mountains or valleys. In such places, other sources of power such as fuel generators are a real burden considering the cost of fuel purchase and transport until where it is needed.

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